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Eulogy For 'TNM: Iphones VS Teachers'

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03-13-12 – 06-07-12

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The Nose Milk show episode 5 - IPHONES VS COLLEGE PROFESSORS - who will win?
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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yea, im not disapointed, if you guys keep doing stuff like this... Totaly awsome episode, and I think some teatchers are going to be fired hehehe, I personaly ise I phone all the time in the classroom of the colege and right in the face of the teachers, playing every possible kind of game. I think one day im going to make a teacher do that, o I real hope I can make it. Allright im keeping track of your videos guys and my expectations are realy high, if you need some inspiration to right new stuff check ou this guy Jon Lajoie, he is the same style of the lonely island. Well see ya then.


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