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Super Pig

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Beaten Level 1-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 1-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 1-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 1-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 1-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 1-5 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 2-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 2-5 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 3-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 3-5 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 4-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 4-5 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-1 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-1 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-2 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-2 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-3 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-3 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-4 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-4 without godmode

Beaten Level 5-5 10 Points

Beaten Level 5-5 without godmode

Beaten Level X-1 25 Points

Beaten Level X-1 without godmode

Beaten Level X-2 25 Points

Beaten Level X-2 without godmode

Beaten Level X-3 25 Points

Beaten Level X-3 without godmode

Beaten Level X-4 25 Points

Beaten Level X-4 without godmode

Beaten Level X-5 25 Points

Beaten the final level without godmode

Butcher Badge 25 Points

Killed 1000 pigs

Golden Pig 100 Points

Beaten the game

Author Comments

=== WARNING! ===
Super Pig is incredibly hard!
=== WARNING! ===

Super Pig is an innovative challenging platformer where you have to kill yourself to reveal parts of the level with blood splatter. The level is initially invisible. The goal is to reach Super Pig's girl before you lose all your lives!

There are 30 levels arranged into 6 chapters. If some of the levels are too hard for you, you can skip any of them. But if you want to get to chapter X (the last one) you are required to beat all of the preceding levels!

Please take a look at the in-game help section for some more hints!

You have been warned!

=== Controls ===

---- IN GAME ----
LEFT/RIGHT - Run sideways
Z or Y or W or UP or SPACE - Primary jump
X - Turbo jump (hold to jump continuously)
ESCAPE - Instant game over

SPACE - Next level
ESCAPE - Back to main menu

SPACE - Retry
ESCAPE - Back to main menu

---- ANY TIME ----
Hover mouse over the top-right corner for options!

====== !!! UPDATE UPDATE !!! ======
Newgrounds has some server problems and medals might not work! Sorry for that, there is nothing more I can do about it from here!

When the issue is fixed you will be awarded any missing medals upon entering the level selection screen!


It is ok. The music is catchy, but without in game mute it get annoying very fast. I like the idea of having to kill yourself to map out the level and memorizing the path for the next try. The graphics are not that great. The pigs animation are pretty poor and the objects look too simple.

One point that annoyed me was that this game complimented itself on how difficult it was and even shows statistics to bolster its ego. Even thought its a good idea most people probably don't ragequit as much as they just do something else. Also this game isn't really "hard". When starting a new level everything is blank and you have no idea where you supposed to go. So the first few deaths are just to map out the starting area. in most levels later on there are just cheap traps that if are unknown are unavoidable. Like having a tiny spike right in front of the other pig. The only function of these kind of traps are to slow the player down and are easy to overcome the second time. This also is the case with a long row of stompers. They are easy to avoid, but you have to sacrifice your pig at every new enemy to know where it is. This doesn't make the game "hard" it just makes it tedious and long. So it is less of a difficult game and more a patients game. Another annoyance is that the jump function is crap. Having a jump that goes higher the longer you hold the key is good for most games. In this game however most puzzles are ruined is you are off by 1/10 of a second. Almost every level, later on, has a puzzle in which you need a perfect timed jump which will only work 1 in 10 tries. Again, this is just a cheap feature to slow down the player.

If you haven't played this game yet ere are some tips:
- Try to splatter yourself on the ceiling rather then the floor, that way more area is covered in blood.
- Make the most out of every intended death. You don't have to cover every single inch just the important parts. If there is a long straight hall without spikes you wont need to splatter it just remember where it is.
- Sometimes there are small holes with spikes on both sides. These usually have a wall above them to aline yourself with the hole.
- Keep your cool. If there is a safe area, wait there for a second and plan your next step.
- Almost every lift will have a spiked ceiling above it. Wait till the screen stops moving up then jump to cover a large area with blood.

There are also some glitches in the game:
- Flying saw blades sometimes get stuck in lifts making the level unbeatable when this happens.
- If a corner is covered in spikes there is a small chance of landing on the first wall spike and surviving, making unwanted shortcuts for the player.
- Sometimes a stomper will absorb all of your blood when crushing you and nothing around it will be covered.

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This game is so amazing in so many ways!
The music, the graphics, the gameplay 10/10

Love this game!
Refused to rage quit on the "rage quit" stage, then spat the dummy on the next one after :op
Keep up the great work.

... what possessed you to make this game?! I mean you obviously spent a lot of time on it, much more than the world's hardest game... you forgot to add the number of testers who committed suicide to your statistics screen. Good game... I think

game is awesome for some reason i am not getting any awards even tho i have accomplished the task

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Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2012
1:05 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other