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Super Pig

rated 3.68 / 5 stars
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Credits & Info

Mar 13, 2012 | 1:05 PM EDT

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Beaten Level 1-1 10 Points Beaten Level 1-1 without godmode
Beaten Level 1-2 10 Points Beaten Level 1-2 without godmode
Beaten Level 1-3 10 Points Beaten Level 1-3 without godmode
Beaten Level 1-4 10 Points Beaten Level 1-4 without godmode
Beaten Level 1-5 10 Points Beaten Level 1-5 without godmode
Beaten Level 2-1 10 Points Beaten Level 2-1 without godmode
Beaten Level 2-2 10 Points Beaten Level 2-2 without godmode
Beaten Level 2-3 10 Points Beaten Level 2-3 without godmode
Beaten Level 2-4 10 Points Beaten Level 2-4 without godmode
Beaten Level 2-5 10 Points Beaten Level 2-5 without godmode
Beaten Level 3-1 10 Points Beaten Level 3-1 without godmode
Beaten Level 3-2 10 Points Beaten Level 3-2 without godmode
Beaten Level 3-3 10 Points Beaten Level 3-3 without godmode
Beaten Level 3-4 10 Points Beaten Level 3-4 without godmode
Beaten Level 3-5 10 Points Beaten Level 3-5 without godmode
Beaten Level 4-1 10 Points Beaten Level 4-1 without godmode
Beaten Level 4-2 10 Points Beaten Level 4-2 without godmode
Beaten Level 4-3 10 Points Beaten Level 4-3 without godmode
Beaten Level 4-4 10 Points Beaten Level 4-4 without godmode
Beaten Level 4-5 10 Points Beaten Level 4-5 without godmode
Beaten Level 5-1 10 Points Beaten Level 5-1 without godmode
Beaten Level 5-2 10 Points Beaten Level 5-2 without godmode
Beaten Level 5-3 10 Points Beaten Level 5-3 without godmode
Beaten Level 5-4 10 Points Beaten Level 5-4 without godmode
Beaten Level 5-5 10 Points Beaten Level 5-5 without godmode
Beaten Level X-1 25 Points Beaten Level X-1 without godmode
Beaten Level X-2 25 Points Beaten Level X-2 without godmode
Beaten Level X-3 25 Points Beaten Level X-3 without godmode
Beaten Level X-4 25 Points Beaten Level X-4 without godmode
Beaten Level X-5 25 Points Beaten the final level without godmode
Butcher Badge 25 Points Killed 1000 pigs
Golden Pig 100 Points Beaten the game

Author Comments

=== WARNING! ===
Super Pig is incredibly hard!
=== WARNING! ===

Super Pig is an innovative challenging platformer where you have to kill yourself to reveal parts of the level with blood splatter. The level is initially invisible. The goal is to reach Super Pig's girl before you lose all your lives!

There are 30 levels arranged into 6 chapters. If some of the levels are too hard for you, you can skip any of them. But if you want to get to chapter X (the last one) you are required to beat all of the preceding levels!

Please take a look at the in-game help section for some more hints!

You have been warned!

=== Controls ===

---- IN GAME ----
LEFT/RIGHT - Run sideways
Z or Y or W or UP or SPACE - Primary jump
X - Turbo jump (hold to jump continuously)
ESCAPE - Instant game over

SPACE - Next level
ESCAPE - Back to main menu

SPACE - Retry
ESCAPE - Back to main menu

---- ANY TIME ----
Hover mouse over the top-right corner for options!

====== !!! UPDATE UPDATE !!! ======
Newgrounds has some server problems and medals might not work! Sorry for that, there is nothing more I can do about it from here!

When the issue is fixed you will be awarded any missing medals upon entering the level selection screen!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Super Pig is a very hard game. The graphics and controls are good. The game is so difficult, that it has little to no fun. If you make a sequel, you should offer different challenge levels.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

i cant beat 1-4 you have to make it easier but its nice. :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I think this game is really awesome. Not just because it's really hard, but because of its new way of platforming.

The idea of exploring a game by dying is genius. It gives the game something I hadn't seen before.
This also forces you to be strategic in each level. Because you need to get at least a few perfect pig runs in the later levels, you can't rely on a lucky jump once to clear the level. You need to plan, and get to the end, or almost the end, multiple times in a row. But never enough times to let it get boring.

Another thing I really liked was the music. The slightly irritating but awesome music fits just perfectly with this game. It did get repetive, but that's no problem since you made a mute button.
Good thing you added a self-destruct button too.

It's not perfect though. Because it's that hard to complete a level without losing any pigs, I would've liked something for it. I've only completed a few levels without losing any pigs, but apart from a score bonus you get nothing. Maybe you could make a medal for it, or even more bonus levels?

Speaking of more levels, this game would be perfect for a level editor. I would've loved making levels of my own, and playing other levels ranked for most fun and most difficult. This would make the game even more addicting, and give some more length to the game.

Another small thing is that I would like a pause button. Especially because planning a level can take several minutes, and when you just have a few nice death places, it's irritating that you can't pause the game.

None of these things really bothered me though, they are more like extras I would've liked.

Short conclusion: Although the game is not perfect, it's going straight in my favorites.
I'm number 95 to complete it ;)

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Damn... that's an challeging game :D But as someone already said, some levels are trying too hard to be hard, thus making them unfun to play. I especialy hate everything that's random in such a game, especialy the boots and the disks... everything else is ok as long as they're predictable...
8/10 as for now! Still didnt beat it, but I'm pretty worn much out for today :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

omg you can press X to jump only a little bit o.O i played till X-2 without that...
i'm so dumn xD
anywaaayy... great game