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Race around the board, rubbing out the images before the time runs out. You must follow the correct order shown at the top of the blackboard.


This was another game in your chalkboard series. It seems to be one of your biggest. I was really confused by Level 5. I thought you had to go from Y to B like it said. I now realize that you had to go in alphabetical order or in later levels, numerical order. That’s really quite clever!

The music is great as always. I’m starting to get used to seeing this guy. I love how it rotates. I didn’t even notice the timer. You certainly had a cool way of showing it!

Quite difficult. It is a nice new challenge. You might want to warn people about the rotation. Though It was a nice tactic to catch people off gaurd. Looking at the order thing was confusing since the first few levels didn't have one. The timer is a little unfair since you can't tell how fast it is going. Also the health bar is hard to notice let alone tell how hurt you might be. I think it would work better as a bar or actually display the number of hearts.

Its realy hard, you need to make that priority that is on the top on the screen and put it in a more visible place, I spent a lot of time thinking it was just in crescent order. Also there is lots of realy easy lvs mixed with insanely hard ones, try to make a dificulty curve

difficult and interesting platform game. I think its a bit hard though, lol

Sweet game!

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3.98 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2012
5:44 PM EDT
Skill - Other