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Double Score! 5 Points

Collect double score bonus

First kill 5 Points

Die first time

Forget about fingers 5 Points

Earn 300 points

Not bad 5 Points

Earn 100 points

Oh! God! 5 Points

Earn 250 points

Phew! 5 Points

Collect bullet-destroy bonus

Aaargh! Hot! 10 Points

Earn 500 points

You are the Gamer! 10 Points

Earn 1000 points

Four Thousand Milliseconds 25 Points

Earn 4000 points

Three Thousand Milliseconds 25 Points

Earn 3000 points

Two Thousand Milliseconds 25 Points

Earn 2000 points

Claustrophobia Maniac 100 Points

Earn 5000 points

Author Comments

Programming, graphics: Michael.
Additional programming, music, graphics: neocrey.
Use your arrow keys to manipulate blue ball.
Avoid collising with green balls, red balls and red moving squares.
Get bonuses, earn big scores and some medals!

Criticize it very hard because we want to be a good game developer.

Thanks to:
Newgrounds for awesome site
Adam Atomic for Flixel
You for playing, commenting and voting

Thanks for all your reviews and feedback!
- To fix the problem with medals try to clear you cache in your browser. We tried and everything works perfectly.
- When game-stopped-bug. Game stopped when pathfinder crahes. We trying to fix it, but not successfully yet.

Fixed 300 points medal

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Actually a good game.
I hate avoiders most of the time but this is decent. Needs tactics because of the medal bug (you can't just double your points over the point what the medal required).
The graphics needs some improvement (:D), and the crash should be fixed, but actually I would play this again if somebody were remake it.
What I really missed is a good guide eg.:
There are 4 Pathfinders, they are green. They always following you. They shoot little red balls which can only travel in a straight line. There are only 2 kinds of bonuses: One will delete all red dots the other will double your score. Be smart because you need to have the exact amount of points for getting the medal. (I did like this bug. This should be a feature.)
So all in all: Could use some improvement (More songs, betterr GFX) but the game is decent.

I really wanted to like this game. If 2 things were fixed I would.

1. Soemtimes the enemy green dots get stuck halfway in a wall and crashes the game. This happens about 1 in 3 times. Forcing a restart. Very annoying

2. To get the medals you can't just double score past them. You need to have it go over naturally. IE. If you have 2600 points and get a double score bonus to 5200, you won't receive the 3k 4k or 5k medals. It took me forever to get around 2.4k and a double up to 4.8k and wait for it to go over 5k for the last medal. It wasn't that I would die, it would be a race before the game crashes.

anyways the medals do work. Fix those two things and this would be an awesome game. Also adding a high score option would be nice.

This game is awful, mainly because of the continuous freezes. Minus a full 2 stars for that.
Without the freezes it would be a 2 "Nothing too new or interesting". Sure, it works, but you can do better.

To help those having problems with the medals, do note you have to pass the numbers exactly, so for example hitting a multiplier and then warping past some score, and you won't be able to unlock that medal on that playthrough. Hope it helps.

Example, say you were at 600 and you take a 2x multiplier. You will now be at 1200 and will have forfeited the 1000 points medal (assuming you didn't already have it) on this playthrough and will need to play the game again to get it.

Not a bad game...but the lag I'm getting kills it for me...and I really don't see why it lags especially graphic wise. I've had Unity games run 200Xs faster with 10 tabs open than this game does.

man put a mute button all your games!

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2012
10:57 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid