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You are a man with a dream. You are a roman farmer that wants to become the greatest lanista in ancient Rome. You build yourself a ludus and start buying slaves and sending them into the arena to fight. Your purpose is to win the final duel in the arena with a gladiator from your ludus.

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hey ciopiknu can you add some cheats to this and since i thought of it you can if you want send me some or all of them please agree thank you

Rubbish what happened to the combat scenes, where can i look at my awesome gladiater to see how cool and how kick arse he looks well this author did not include all the stuff that mattered it was just simply a computer displaying words on the screen, kids if you want to play a good game play mastermind world conquerer a really good game with lots of things to do do not blow your time on this. I do not consider this a game i might as well read a book.

ciupiknu responds:

You might as well read a book ? what kind of judgement is that !?

I love this game! The idea is fresh and awesome, the execution is pretty impressive for a first try.

The game is simple enough. It doesn't really need a tutorial (IMO). The interface and the flow are quite straightforward.

Not being able to level up the gladiators was an interesting twist. Maybe add an RPG-style experience system for the gladiators for Gladiacus 2? Maybe even take it a step further and add something similar with lanistas for the player to choose and develop? Skills? (Your game, your call. Just throwing out some ideas for your consideration.)

And the promise of a sequel with so many upgrades is simply exquisite! I can't wait for it (although I will patiently wait until it is ready). I can help you test it, if you like, and report any bugs I find. =)

I salute you, Ciupinku! More, please! :D

P.S. So glad you added the option to turn the sound on/off. I usually play games without sound, so I can listen to other stuff. =)

ciupiknu responds:

I have the feeling i know you! I have no sound at all:)) you`re a funny guy:))

I liked it. Especially for your first attempt.
Theres is a small glitch where when one clicks on the match they'd like to set up the fight button only appears under league on fight one

ciupiknu responds:

Yes because you probably did not have enough money for the battle fee. To be honest when I reached that point I kind of gave up because I thought the game was a complete and utter failure and I didn`t create any tutorial/explanation. I can tell you that I learned allot from this game and the second will be tons better ! Thanks for score/ feedback !

Hey, its a brilliant game, brilliant idea... But, admittedly it gets boring after a while - Battle, shop, battle, shop... Still a brilliant game idea. (Sorry if I seem like Im rambling :S)

ciupiknu responds:

I am really really glad you guys like it cuz this means you`l love Gladiacus 2. I`m getting right on it ! :)) And thx !