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Room Raider

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Rank: Beginner 5 Points

Clear (5) Rooms

Rank: Skilled 10 Points

Clear (15) Rooms

Rank: Soldier 10 Points

Clear (10) Rooms

Rank: Mr.Awesome 25 Points

Clear (30) Rooms

Rank: Very Skilled 25 Points

Clear (20) Rooms

Rank: Very Very Skilled 25 Points

Clear (25) Rooms

Rank: Oh look at you eh 50 Points

Clear (40) Rooms

Rank: Wow 50 Points

Clear (35) Rooms

Rank: Godlike 100 Points

Clear (50) Rooms

Author Comments

The medals/scoreboard should all be working now! Secondly I've removed the instant kill death spikes and lava pits :3. That should hopefully make things a little easier. I was tempted to add in health bonuses but to be honest the game is about how long can you last and it's about being challenging. People who find it way to hard...go play some Megaman or Contra :P. I've also fixed the bug in the reverse rooms.

If you want to have the up arrow key as the jump button, you can select it as that, in the options menu. Also at any time you can press the M key to mute the sound and then the N key to then unmute.

Run 'n' gun through fifty rooms, trying to clear as many rooms as you can before you get destroyed. Every time you clear a room, you will be randomly warped to one of the fifty rooms. You must clear every enemy in a room before you can advanced to the next random room. Every tenth room you clear you will receive more damage when you get hit. Every room you clear, you will gain a point!

=50 Rooms=
=10 Weapons=
=6 Different Type of Room=
=4 Enemies=
=Online NG Scoreboard=

Left/Right Arrows = Move
Up/A Key = Jump (Select which one in the options menu)
S Key = Shoot.

Blue Room = Normal Room
Red Room = Fire Room (Contains fire traps and lava)
Light Blue Room = Ice Room (Slip 'n' Slide flooring)
Green Room = Wind Room (Fans blow you in a direction)
Orange Room = Earth Room (Falling Blocks)
B/W Room = Death Room (Reversed Controls)

Hey there, I got a bit bored while on holiday visiting the ol' grandparents so I thought I'd whip up this flash game in my spare time. It's just a simple run 'n' gun game where the aim is to clear as many rooms as you can before you get destroyed. Every time you clear a room (by touching the exit portal) you're warped to a random room and you're armed with a random weapon. You could call this a prototype game because I aim to do a lot more in the future with this type of mechanic =).
I hope there isn't as much lag as my previous game and I've doubled the size of the graphics so hopefully isn't as much of a strain on some of ye eyes =).

Anyway I hope you like the game! Any bugs, please report on a review. Cheers,



I believe this game works but requires some work in the level. I don't really know how many level you made but you should make more as I got some repeated in a ten game sesion. Also on some levels the control reversed for me. I don't know i it is a bug or intended but I would like to have known that my controls where reversed.

This game needs to get updated.

A decent game. There are, however, a few rooms you *must* take damage in (or at least I see no way around it) such as this one particular fire room that shoots alternating horizontal and vertical fires on the steps. Also it's entirely luck as to where you end up and levels are selected at random, including levels you've already completed, so it's entirely possible to "luck out" and get easier levels and do better one run, even getting the same exact easy level a few times, or to get "unlucky" and constantly get, say, that one fire room mentioned.

There have been a slight few times I've taken deaths on the falling platform rooms too, due to the character becoming nonresponsive to jumps, although this only occasionally happens, but it is an instant death when it does.

Much of the medal collection in this game is a combination of skill and getting somewhat "lucky" in the rooms it sends you to as well as somewhat "lucky" in what weapons it gives you. (Uzi is terrible, for example).

not bad, gameplay is good and there's a good level of difficulty

An interesting concept, well executed. The game was just a bit too random for me, though. Games are usually considered good for their ability to introduce you to its gameplay and then add in different mechanics in a clear way without changing the game too much. This throws that out the window. Regardless, it was well made. Just not my tastes, I suppose.

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This game is decent in terms of its retro arcade-like,smooth gameplay and its variety of weapons,enemies and rooms,however,it lacks the control to shoot upwards as shooting while jumping at enemies(especially the bouncy spike balls) which dive from above is ineffective and sometimes,the randomly generated rooms and weapons give the character certain disadvantages(for example a magnum-like pistol against those squid-like cannons which has a high hit rate in a room with no or little cover and no controls to shoot in any other directions other than forwards and backwards),at least better weapons could be provided against more difficult enemies to make up what the controls lack or weapons could be fixed and ammo boxes could be provided in the rooms.Overall,it is a pretty good game with its medals,so good work,all it just needs are a few small improvements.

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Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2012
8:45 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun