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A quick revamp of an old group project I did in university. The original high concept is:

Chameleon is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that sees the player take the role of a painter with chameleon-like abilities, who's been captured and detained in a government testing facility. The player must utilise colour in order to use stealth to their advantage. The aim of the game is to escape from the facility via various puzzles inspired by BrÃfffÃf'Ã'¸derbund's classic 1983 platformer Loderunner. Among other things, the player must avoid detection by the facility's scientists, guards and other inmates.

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This game looks like it has a lot of potential, but it realizes absolutely zero of it. My choices seem to be watching a person in a lab coat enter my cell, demean me then leave or try to do any dang thing and get shot to death. I'm certain that other options must exist, but this game does nothing to tell me about them so they may as well not.

In the end, this game needs some tutorial levels and needs them hard. A few experiences before the capture and placement in the cell would probably do the trick.

I find the concept interesting, but the rest is mediocre to poor. The animation is slow and the controls are unresponsive. It is difficult to judge how long the lights will last, and the game is too unforgiving to guess, even on the first couple of levels. I like that the tongue attack is only a stun, and the guard alert levels, although there is no indication in the tutorial that the guards have alert levels (I never would have made it past the first floor if I hadn't scrolled down the comments to see your hint).

The level design is unforgiving to a new player, as your timing needs to be impeccable. Some sort of dodge or duck ability would be nice.

The art quality is really poor. Not only are the initial slides in the intro nearly unreadable, but multiple images within levels seem to be taken from different sources and pasted together, making it seem thrown together. Even doing the whole level in poor line drawings creates a sense of cohesion and style. You could do more with the background than pure, stark white, both to improve game-play and the visuals (make the white only come from the lights, for instance.

The concept is interesting, and should be looked at more -- especially in combination with color theory, or lighting effects.

The whole game needs a lot of elbow grease and polish. In this state, 3/10

bjncube responds:

Thanks for the feed back. To be honest, I purposely made the game unforgiving. You're not supposed to play it and instantly know what to do. You have to figure it out. As for the art, the initial assets were done by a couple of different guys from my uni. I can't draw for sh*t so the art style is severely broken.

I like the idea of color shifts. I couldn't figure out how to get through the first guard. It needs some work but the concept is good

bjncube responds:

Turn blue when the blue light comes on. then the red light comes on. waith till the guard isn't on alert and sneak past him.

This is possibly the worst game I ever seen in my life. There is practically zero gameplay and its far to short. You could atleast add a funny story to it or somthing. No offense,but seriously.... I dont see the point at all.

bjncube responds:

Very immature of you. But you are only 14 afterall.

I had fun good 1!

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2.90 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2012
7:17 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle