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LEGO Land Ep. 4

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Mar 11, 2012 | 6:46 PM EDT

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EDIT 2/2/17: Since I've released this series combined into one video along with a new soundtrack, I've gone and updated the NG versions of these with the new soundtrack and whatever other differences there are between the original uploads and the new versions. This was mostly for the removal of copyrighted audio, which has been a controversial thing on Newgrounds lately, but there were also a few timing issues originally, and I've added clearer subtitles to the first part. While it is nice to have a much more fitting soundtrack and to be able to see this in wide screen and just slightly better overall, this does mean that there's really no way to see the original versions of this series anymore, as they were originally removed from youtube for copyrighted music, and now the same has happened on Newgrounds. It's not like it was relying on the music though, it was just there to be there, so no harm has come from this. If anything, I think the new soundtrack IMPROVES this. That's not really for me to judge though. Why am I even typing this? It's not like anyone even cares about this series or is even gonna find it.

Also, since I Just rendered off the individual parts from the master file for all of them as a single video, this means that the original credits have also been removed. That's not really much of a problem though, 'cause who wants to sit through that, right? Part 10 still has credits though, but that's 'cause it's the credits for the whole thing, and the end just kinda works better with credits, I think.

Also also I've gone and replaced those shitty short descriptions with better ones that actually tease the events of the episode. Again though, not like anyone cares.


Zombie Chase Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Note: As indicated by that... annoying thing in the bottem right corner... this was originally made in 2009, and the quality isn't that good. Quality gets better as episodes progress, and the quality of episodes 9 and 10 are almost perfect, so bear with this and hopefully those ones can be up soon, just have to get the older ones out of the way first. Anyway, I hope you try to enjoy it, even if it is lacking in quality.

DESCRIPTION: A team member dies, and a battle is won. Who dies? And who is the battle with? Find out.

Finally some action, although the next episode is kinda filler, with episode six being more comedic, and lacking action too, but it has its fair share of adult content... I'll just leave it at that.
Hopefully parts 5 and 6 can be up tomorrow, and don't go over the 20 mb limit, they probably won't, but ya never know (the only one I should have to worry about is part 10). But yeah... Again, quality has slightly improved in this one, and again being made in 2009.

Well, try to enjoy it...



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Even by old 2009 standards, this isn't anything very good. Stop-motion animation in itself isn't necessarily respected among flash animators and traditional animators, and when you have a choppy video and jittery camera movement, it emphasizes on the bad qualities of a stop-motion animation.

Some stop-motion animations pride themselves on having a very good image/video quality, though the quality here isn't that good. Though I guess I can overlook this since you admit in your description that the quality here isn't that good and that the quality gets better as it progresses, so hopefully that won't be a problem for any future episodes.

But even though this was made in 2009, there's no reason to use that as an excuse and not to touch things up. Sometimes I find old crap sitting somewhere on my computer, but I usually don't re-submit them in their original state, I finish them up and do cleanup work on them. So voice acting fits here.

Even if you aren't a good voice actor, there's a multitude of people who are good voice actors, and even went to the extent of forming clubs and organizations for voicing other people's creative works. For text boxes, though, you could've made it at least fancy since we'll be reading off of them the entirety of the episode.

The storyline was... okay. Nothing more, nothing less. It was interesting at certain points, though to be honest, the poor animation quality distracted from we're supposed to be focusing on: the story.

The obvious transition scenes that you got from Windows Movie Maker plague the movie of an unprofessional vibe; anybody who's seen their share of amateur YouTube videos are very well familiar with that font you used in transition screens. I HAVE A SUGGESTION! I think you should look up elevator music on Newgrounds or YouTube and download it. Then you should put elevator music for every transition. It'd make the default WMM screen more bearable. Another MINOR complaint is the tiny white border at the left. This can easily be fixed, and I'm sure it's probably fixed in the next episodes.

There are some obvious spelling errors ("beleave") and even in the description ("bottem" is "bottom") but i'm just a grammar nazi

There's a jagged turn in the plot here. One minute, a team member dies and they appear to be devastated, but the lack of voice acting fails to emphasize the extent of this, though from the fact that they see a random chess board and decide to play right after, I'm sure they aren't very serious about what they're doing. Oh yeah, and "PREPARE TO GET PWNED!!" sounds like something a 10-year-old would say. "UR GETTING PWNED NOOB!!!!!!!!!"

well at least at a scene near the end, you put music, despite how unfitting it might be.

But something about this movie makes me want to keep watching. judging from the WMM video quality, I am assuming this series made its debut on YouTube. I'll look up the future episodes.

Good luck. and I'm not trying to be mean, I'm only trying to help.

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artistunknown responds:

I completely agree with everything you said. Yes, I could improve the quality a lot and get rid of the windows movie maker feel (yes, they were originally made in moviemaker). If I can get my hands on the original images I'll try to put them through flash, but as I have tried this before, I know it's a pain to have to place several hundred images and keep making a keyframe every frame. I realize that even though it was made in 2009, that's not an excuse for the quality. The quality is just bad because I didn't really have the right equipment at the time. My stop motions have improved greatly over the years, and will keep improving as new techniques are learned. Now touching on the story. The plot seems kind of meh, because originally I had not written any of them, the story was all in my head. Since nothing was planned out, except the broad plot of the entire series, it was executed poorly. The only episode that was actually written is 10. The quality of them don't start getting almost perfect until 9, because I finally got a new camera (and learned about macro mode), and yes, the last two episodes do have voices (ep 9 is just me, and then 10 there's several).
I can't go back and redo these mostly because they were made in windows movie maker, and I don't have access to the original files at this moment, plus going in and changing everything isn't really worth it. If I do try something like that, the file size would skyrocket, so that's another reason. Everything you pointed out was simply because I was inexperience at the time, I had the skill, I just lacked the equipment. They truly do get better.
Yes, they were originally on youtube, I had to take most of them down due to copyright though, which is why I'm putting them up here, so at least someone can see them. Yes, the music is unfitting, again I had very limited resources, and just used whatever music I had on my computer (music choice also gets better and more relevant later on).
Well, I hope you continue to watch, and see the improvements. I look forward to see your critiquing on future episodes.

Oh, and if you want to look me up on youtube to see some of my other stuff, search artistunknown95. Have a good day, and thanks for the honest review.