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LEGO Land Ep. 3

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Mar 11, 2012 | 5:26 PM EDT

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Author Comments

EDIT 2/2/17: Since I've released this series combined into one video along with a new soundtrack, I've gone and updated the NG versions of these with the new soundtrack and whatever other differences there are between the original uploads and the new versions. This was mostly for the removal of copyrighted audio, which has been a controversial thing on Newgrounds lately, but there were also a few timing issues originally, and I've added clearer subtitles to the first part. While it is nice to have a much more fitting soundtrack and to be able to see this in wide screen and just slightly better overall, this does mean that there's really no way to see the original versions of this series anymore, as they were originally removed from youtube for copyrighted music, and now the same has happened on Newgrounds. It's not like it was relying on the music though, it was just there to be there, so no harm has come from this. If anything, I think the new soundtrack IMPROVES this. That's not really for me to judge though. Why am I even typing this? It's not like anyone even cares about this series or is even gonna find it.

Also, since I Just rendered off the individual parts from the master file for all of them as a single video, this means that the original credits have also been removed. That's not really much of a problem though, 'cause who wants to sit through that, right? Part 10 still has credits though, but that's 'cause it's the credits for the whole thing, and the end just kinda works better with credits, I think.

Also also I've gone and replaced those shitty short descriptions with better ones that actually tease the events of the episode. Again though, not like anyone cares.


Water Prelude Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Feral Chase Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Note: As indicated by that... annoying thing in the bottem right corner... this was originally made in 2009, and the quality isn't that good. Quality gets better as episodes progress, and the quality of episodes 9 and 10 are almost perfect, so bear with this and hopefully those ones can be up soon, just have to get the older ones out of the way first. Anyway, I hope you try to enjoy it, even if it is lacking in quality.

DESCRIPTION: Part Three. When exploring a snowy village, Will and the Gang find a survivor of an avalanche.

There isn't a lot of action in this one, mostly introducing new characters and setting up for what is to come. The next one is more action packed, and part 5 is a little comedic, kinda a break from everything. Part 4 should be up later today, and hopefully 5 and 6 can be up tomorrow.

Also, now that I am able to upload larger files (huge thanks to the newgrounds guys for that) I can finally upload the rest of these.

Hopefully these do make it on newgrounds, since this is kinda the only place you can see them now...

Any way, with all that aside, enjoy.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

yay indiana jones


Rated 2 / 5 stars

im sure if you keeping practicing and doing this, it will be great in the future


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

After I reviewed episode 4 and read your response to my review, I decided to watch episode 3 and see if watching this provides me with a better understanding of the overall plotline.

Before talking about other aspects, I'd first like to point out the 'Play' button in the beginning. Even when it's not loaded, you can choose to play it, though all that would come up would be a blank screen. I'd have to wait for a while and then assume it's done loading and click play. Just go to Google, and google 'NG Flash Loaders' for official preloaders, and copy and paste one of them onto the loading screen, it's easy.

Now onto the review.

Sometimes text went by too fast and I very barely finished reading before it immediately went to the next frame. In fact, sometimes animation was too fast-paced that I'd literally have to right-click and uncheck 'Play' to pause.

having the guy open the gate and then having him say "that worked" was basically a reiteration of what the viewer just saw and was completely unnecessary

"aw, crap, the road's blocked!" this part went by unexpectedly fast. when they walked through the snow i expected a struggle, or at least something longer other than him saying "finally, we're out!" after about what i THINK is 5 seconds of them walking

when the guy points out the whole town being under the snow, usually "revealing" shots like those focus on the town being under the snow for at least a few seconds, long enough for the viewer to grasp that or to have any effect at all

that scene at the cabin went by extremely fast, like they only had a few seconds of film so they had to rush through the entire dialogue scene. also if you import this into a video editing software, some of these timing flaws can be fixed, i believe

is it just me or did "That's a nice butt" come completely out of nowhere

it's also interesting how in one scene it took them 5 seconds to get somewhere and it takes them 3 days to go somewhere else. i could be very wrong here but there's no indication of direction

and to be honest that credit song sucks

now to review episodes 2 and 1 since i am watching this thing backwards

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, I forgot to mention that everything went by extremely fast in this one, I think at the time I was tired of things going by so slowly, and was testing out speeds, and not much control with wmm. Yeah, the whole "that's a nice butt" line did kinda come out of nowhere, except there is a sort of back story involving those two characters, like I've said before, it wasn't scripted, so most of the time the dialogue isn't going to be great. Yeah, that song is kinda stupid, but like I've said, I just used what was on my computer. I guess at the time I was thinking along the lines of "well, wills character is starting to look like a horn dog with the inclusion of this female character, oh this song seems to work..." Oh yeah, almost forgot about the preloader. Strange, it doesn't have to load for me... but yeah, I've tried working with preloaders before, but could never get them to work. I guess I should try again for the next episode, since these are pretty big files.
Well, glad you're watching them, and don't worry they should start getting better, and I might even go back and try to fix some of the stuff. I'm pretty sure all the synch issues should be fixed in the next episode, but I could be wrong, I know I get it right in one of them... Again, thanks for the review.