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Anaksha Mini Adventures 2

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5 Virgo Symbols 5 Points

Find 5 hidden Virgo symbols

Bathroom Poetry 5 Points

Funny messages on the walls

Combining Items 5 Points

Out with the old. In with the new

Hidden Symbols 5 Points

Find 1 hidden virgo symbol

Teaching Him a Lesson 5 Points

Teach that pervert a lesson!

25 Virgo Symbols 10 Points

Find 25 hidden Virgo symbols

40 Virgo Symbols 10 Points

Find 40 hidden Virgo symbols

Breaking In 10 Points

Learn how to pick locks

Little Vandal 10 Points

Intentionally damaging property

Screwing Around 10 Points

Creative use of a wall

Virgo Queen 10 Points

Find all 60 hidden Virgo symbols

Code Cracker 25 Points

It took you how many tries?

Inflicting Pain 25 Points

Just a sadistic little devil!

Out Of Order 25 Points

Nobody is allowed in the bathroom

Avenging Angel 50 Points

Complete the game

Author Comments

20 Mar 2012 - Update to v1.02a - Some minor dialogue issues fixed and lockpick mini-game made slightly easier
18 Mar 2012 - Update to v1.02 - Due to a number of complaints on various hosts, via email and on the forum, the driving mini-game is now a lot easier
16 Mar 2012 - Game now uses NG's preloader
13 Mar 2012 - Updated to v1.01 - Fixed a few annoying issues
11 Mar 2012 - Uploaded to NG

Note: The third installment in the mini adventure series has just been announced. Check the news feed for details.

Anaksha finally arrives to pick up her new cellphone but soon finds herself tangled up with something very dark and sinister stirring in Santa Lina.

This little graphic adventure game is actually the second major release in the Anaksha series and contains an achievements system as well as a treasure hunt for hidden virgo symbols (there are 60 of them hidden all over the map). There's also 15 NG medals to collect.

Fans of the old Sierra Online games will appreciate the visual feel of the updated engine which was inspired by Sierra's AGI.

There are over 850 possible solutions for this game. Certain puzzles and events change slightly each time you play.

Average play time is roughly over 2 hours (using a solution).
I haven't written a walkthrough yet for this game but if you want to write one then knock yourself out.

If you're stuck try the Anaksha forums (http://www.anaksha.com/f orum/). There's already lots of hints and tips on there.

PS: There seems to be an issue with unlocking the NG medals. I've heard reports of it happening in other games so I can only assume it's an issue with Newgrounds and not the game itself.


Wow...one word...BEAUTIFUL!!
This game was just brilliant!! The story, the dialogues the shitloads of items u encounter!
Especially the character..they all hav unique personalities and brilliantly brought up with the items they need.
Also its pretty long for a "Mini" adventures.
I wouldnt say it was difficult rather it was unpredictible as in the when u grind the Screws and the part where u find a ring in a sink. I mean i wouldnt hav completed those if i hadnt gone to the forums!
All in all it was a great game! Cant wait for the next one!
To all those who give this a low score just bcuz its "too hard" , u have no taste in briliance whatsover! Just go to miniclip or something!

Also I just love it when i enter the club, the music is kickass XD
Um any info about that track? :3

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ArifRocks responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. The nightclub track is called 'Raving Lunatic Full Mix'. You can download it from Jewelbeat.

Really excellently done game. At first was a little confused as the locations were small, but to be honest that added to the charm. Going in between locations and speaking to the same people didn't get boring because they all seemed to have their own charm and their own tale to tell. Very much enjoyed it.

Definitely reminded me of old Sierra games, like you say, alongside some other more obscure adventure/puzzle games. I especially liked the different paths it could put you on. Alongside that, the clues felt well thought out - there's always a worry in games like these that they give you no clue about what to do, and you're stuck wandering around until something randomly works. I also like the locations, quite gritty and the music fits in well. What's best is the characters in the game though, very varied and memorable.

Improvements? Perhaps next time, make those characters who have something new to say stand out - like a speech bubble over their heads, or something. It did seem like I was sometimes waiting to unlock one character's new conversation without knowing what it was I needed to do. Also, the main character seemed to flip between sweet loving person and merciless killer. She didn't seem fully realised to me, almost as if she changed her personality completely depending on who she spoke to. Perhaps conversation options would be a good way to go, or make the character a little more edgy with everyone.

Minor complaints though, this is a really well done game and I really enjoyed playing it. Unlocked most of the medals and only needed to look for help twice, which is good for me considering the length of the game. Great job, will keep an eye out for more.

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ArifRocks responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate your comments. With regard to her personality, you're absolutely right. She does change her attitude depending on who she deals with, but that's how her personality has been intentionally designed - sweet but tough as nails. Normally she's very loving towards everyone (if a little shy at times), but if anyone comes across as arrogant or big-headed she may tolerate it for a while but will then eventually put them in their place if they don't stop. And if anyone provokes her, angers her or comes across as a bad person, she'll just reach down and rip 'em off without warning. It's just who she is.


Its a nice game a bit hard though...............................

I was playing this game last night and saved i clearly remember saving it and now ITS GONE!! I WORKED SO HARD AND NOW ALL MY PROGRESS IS GONE!!!
im really disappointed as this game is awesome
but cant save, whats the point?

ArifRocks responds:

Chances are your browser somehow deleted the cookies. It's always best to save to the clipboard and paste your data into notepad. The instructions for doing that are at the bottom of the save screen written in blue text. That way you can keep it permanently and even continue your game on a different computer. Hope that helped.

good game but im stuck where can i get neclace glove rednail polish

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Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2012
5:22 PM EDT
Adventure - Other