Anaksha Mini Adventures 2

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5 Virgo Symbols 5 Points

Find 5 hidden Virgo symbols

Bathroom Poetry 5 Points

Funny messages on the walls

Combining Items 5 Points

Out with the old. In with the new

Hidden Symbols 5 Points

Find 1 hidden virgo symbol

Teaching Him a Lesson 5 Points

Teach that pervert a lesson!

25 Virgo Symbols 10 Points

Find 25 hidden Virgo symbols

40 Virgo Symbols 10 Points

Find 40 hidden Virgo symbols

Breaking In 10 Points

Learn how to pick locks

Little Vandal 10 Points

Intentionally damaging property

Screwing Around 10 Points

Creative use of a wall

Virgo Queen 10 Points

Find all 60 hidden Virgo symbols

Code Cracker 25 Points

It took you how many tries?

Inflicting Pain 25 Points

Just a sadistic little devil!

Out Of Order 25 Points

Nobody is allowed in the bathroom

Avenging Angel 50 Points

Complete the game

Author Comments

20 Mar 2012 - Update to v1.02a - Some minor dialogue issues fixed and lockpick mini-game made slightly easier
18 Mar 2012 - Update to v1.02 - Due to a number of complaints on various hosts, via email and on the forum, the driving mini-game is now a lot easier
16 Mar 2012 - Game now uses NG's preloader
13 Mar 2012 - Updated to v1.01 - Fixed a few annoying issues
11 Mar 2012 - Uploaded to NG

Note: The third installment in the mini adventure series has just been announced. Check the news feed for details.

Anaksha finally arrives to pick up her new cellphone but soon finds herself tangled up with something very dark and sinister stirring in Santa Lina.

This little graphic adventure game is actually the second major release in the Anaksha series and contains an achievements system as well as a treasure hunt for hidden virgo symbols (there are 60 of them hidden all over the map). There's also 15 NG medals to collect.

Fans of the old Sierra Online games will appreciate the visual feel of the updated engine which was inspired by Sierra's AGI.

There are over 850 possible solutions for this game. Certain puzzles and events change slightly each time you play.

Average play time is roughly over 2 hours (using a solution).
I haven't written a walkthrough yet for this game but if you want to write one then knock yourself out.

If you're stuck try the Anaksha forums (http://www.anaksha.com/f orum/). There's already lots of hints and tips on there.

PS: There seems to be an issue with unlocking the NG medals. I've heard reports of it happening in other games so I can only assume it's an issue with Newgrounds and not the game itself.


pretty damn cool, I'm playing this through for the third time to see how it changes and the puzzles do randomize which is awesome. It be cool if thenext game IF you plan using this format, make the
NPCs move a little rather than remain static, maybe react during tex tcut scenes like they usualy do in dragon quest games where the sprite does a lil hop, or for example make the creep jiggle when he is scratching his bum XD I wish I could've tazed him XD. or maybe ad animation to the dance hall part... them dancing, not much movement needed even if its back and forth or their lil hands moving. and STILL i love the game cuz thats just nitpicking of me! also looking for the last 5 virgo symbols.
also... how did Dizzy write that hint on the club's bathroom stall? does she carry her own liquid or did she borrow some? that better be with spit she wrote it XD
from someone ewwwwww

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I thought this game was really great, you have to actually think to win. I almost cried when Brad died. The plot was really cool and I can't wait for you to put Dark Angel on Newgrounds :3

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ArifRocks responds:

Unfortunately I can't upload Dark Angel here without the admin's help. The files are too big. :( However you can still play it from the main Anaksha site. It's on there right now.

best game ever and the awards are working for me today.

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finally. completed the game. great concept. good game play. requires average logical thinking. :)

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Bonnie seems like doesn't want anything! x[
Can someone help me~
So does the fridge too...

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4.16 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2012
5:22 PM EDT
Adventure - Other