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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Megaman General Bubbleman

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Talking with one of my animation teachers, he wanted me to try a bit more fluid animation, normally I do about 4 or 5 frames for an action, he wanted me to expand it a bit.

Also played around with the camera a bit more, give some more actiony/movement to the animation.

Anyways, I love Megaman, and I haven't done a Megaman short in forever.
Why capcom? Why do YOU hate Megaman?

That aside, This should be my last "practice" flash for awhile, hopefully gonna do something bigger now

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I wonder why I keep favoriting the videos when I can just favorite the account


' H E R E C O M E T H E B U B B L E S . '

ermahgerd erm sherken ern meh behrts

"HERE COME MAH BUBBLES" is the most threatening line I've heard in any game, ever.

Nice animation, but it was so short. And the ending felt kinda abrupt. It was good for a self-acknowledged practice flash, but not much beyond that.

LOL I like it! xD
Megaman raped his ass Bubbleman by using metal blades, and then...
( Secret: Bubbleman's weakness IS Metal blades. That's why. )