Ninja Terror

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The Red Ninja saves our city again. Kill the Giant Spiders as they try to escape after pillaging our city.

You lose a life for every spider that you leave behind.
Touch spiders to move them forward

[Arow Up Key] - Move Up
[Arrow Down Key] - Move Down
[Spacebar] - Shoot Primary
[Enter] - Shoot Special

[+] ---- Volume Up
[-] ----- Volume Down


I dont care what anyone says. this game is da bomb!

Horrible, Too Much Non-Sense, And Killing Spiders? I go for blood And Gore... So Put More Effort.

I like the consept, but it is too hard at the beggining and the character just DOESN'T move fast enough to reach spiders, it is most especially annoying if you have run out of special attacks.
Also, at the beggining could you describe the different objects that come towards you, because I kept dodging the extra special attack thing (thinking that it was something that would hurt me), until I accidentally ran into one and got an extra special attack.
Other than that, the animation was excellent, and the menu screen awesome. Good work!

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Kind of crap. The controls are awkward, If you are using the arrow keys it really should be shift and space if you want large keys. A,S or Z,X are also popular combos. The biggest reason I did not like the game is that without warning, both times I died when pressing space and a spider was hit by the super move.

vihutuo responds:

You will lose a life if you leave a spider behind. So you either have to kill them or touch them to move them forward.

Game is fun to play. Nice music too. But it is a bit too short and more variety of enemies and weapons would have been nice

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2.70 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2012
6:19 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun