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My Little Sky Craft

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Friendship is Autism

Seriously it's getting to be too much.


whoa! way to go, im loving your stuff

your comedy stuff has improved and you are doing a great job hitting those front pages

seems like you know what you are doing, whats the secret?

Croire responds:

Greasin and tuggin ur hog nightly

I like your commentary. If people are going to invest time into making something that's supposed to be creative, shouldn't they be making something that's... creative? I mean, arrow to the knee, MLP, and autistic minecraft players can be funny... the first time someone makes a joke out of it... but it gets stale faster than bread.

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This wasn't just funny you know, it was intelligent and true beyond all belief! People need to start doing things about something else...

Funny, yeah, but the Asperger's Syndrome seems...Kinda off? You see, I have Asperger's Syndrome, and I don't resemble that at all. Fanfic writers are not autistic, and they don't have AS. They just all lack a life. There's a huge difference, really, you just need to look for it.

Anyways, it's short, it's funny, it's all in good fun, why should I let the fact that it belittles something that fucks with my life on a daily fucking basis make it less enjoyable? It makes fun of 2 other things that piss me off, so the positive points outnumber the negs.

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Croire responds:

Hey, you're a really good sport friend! Most would get super offended so I really appreciate your comment.

Kinda wish you were a bit more brutal with MLP... like you know, have them all violently eviscerated or something, but maybe my lucid thoughts stemming from the frustration of constantly being exposed to MLP crap is just a little more... psychotic.

On a serious note, good video; and I heartily agree with it.

Croire responds:

Ponies make you that angry? That must suck! V nice username though, it owns.

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3.60 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2012
12:22 AM EST
Comedy - Parody