My Little Sky Craft

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Friendship is Autism

Seriously it's getting to be too much.


You made a flash about how sick you are of flashes about Skyrim, Minecraft, and MLP, but at the same time, this is the only flash on the front page about any of them. I feel where you're coming from, but this would've been relevant about a month ago.

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I have asperger and I didn't find this offensive in any way. It just was rather pointless. This is supposed to be funny because...?

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Makes a really good point, but the animation and sound quality is sub-standard.

It was way too short. There's a lot more boring s*** on the internet. But the message comes through well, so I guess it doesn't need another 3 hrs of same old NGPoop.

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It's sad that I completely agree with... most of the points you make, but I REALLY didn't like this. The voice acting seemed lethargic, and the presentation seemed more whiny than it should have been. I'm a brony, I play loads of Minecraft, and although I've only played 30 minutes of Skyrim, Oblivion was one of my favorite games. I still feel like they are oversaturating newgrounds, just so the creators can get views by posting the same dribble, but we really need a better parody of this. I gave it a 2.5 just for agreeing with the base-point, not for the actual quality.

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3.60 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2012
12:22 AM EST
Comedy - Parody