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Blast the Bunny

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EDIT: Added music after one million requests plus badges should be working :D

You are mad at a bunny and decide to shoot him out of a cannon. It is the only logical way.


why post a incomplete game??

SketchistGames responds:

It isnt incomplete ...


Ok, where to begin. Generally I prefer to start a review off by saying something positive about the game regardless of if I liked the game or not so that the author knows I am writing a serious review and not just being a jerk. The sad fact is I don't really have anything positive, just a bunch of suggestions on how the game could be improved.

1. The bunny. Honestly, I wouldn't know it was a bunny if I wasn't told that it was. It is OK to ball the bunny up at times, but you really should change his shape from time to time so the player knows it is a bunny.

2. As another person mentioned nothing really happens. I don't just mean that the bunny doesn't go splat at the end of the run, but there doesn't seem to be any goal, the bunny doesn't get damaged and nothing really changes. Consider adding a goal to the game, upgrades, and something to happen to the bunny so that the player can get some satisfaction.

3. As the game doesn't have a goal or a specified end there is no win or loose. So why end it with 'you loose'? If you add a goal consider "You didn't make it Try again?", and without a real goal consider something on the lines of "You got him good do you think he needs to be punished more?" With an option to retry or submit your score to a high score board.

4. Some variation in the scenery and helper objects would also be a boon to your game.

5. Speaking of the helper objects (the fan and the trampoline) they don't work that well. The trampoline gives you no help unless you are already at a decent height, and then they just prevent you from loosing height on that bounce. Where by general physics this makes sense in a tossing video game it is a bit pointless. You need to have super elastic collisions with trampolines and other bouncy objects or they should add a certain amount to your bounce regardless. I can't say sliding across a trampoline does anything for me.

6. The music. The music is really annoying, and it starts before your add finishes (which is also quite annoying). If you add music to a game you should always add a way to shut it off.

7. Whatever others may have told you, in a game like this good sound effects are just as if not more important than music. Again, GOOD sound effects. If you have both music and sound effects make sure they are balanced.

8. The badges, they are not working. But really, don't add them just to have them. Give us a reason for them to be there. Give them meaning.

9. A catapult is not a cannon. Minor point, but still valid.

10. Consider adding a story, why are we mad at the bunny? This can influence why we would want to play the game and can be accomplished in as simple a thing as a few comic panels.

Overall I think it is a very mediocre game. I see that it is only the second game you have made. You asked for advice and I am giving it to you. Take your time when making a game. Think about how things work look and sound in the games that you like to play and then think about how your game looks, sounds, and plays. You can't give up or do half of what you want to do. Pushing for what you want to achieve, asking for advice on forums, and reading/watching tutorials will take you a long way.

Keep trying

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This is the exact same thing as the present launch. Try a movie, they're easier to make. Once you get some experience then you try making games. Good luck.

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SketchistGames responds:

I have not passion for making animations. All I wan't to do i make game. Ever.

WTF how to win?? lol

Quite simply.... Awful.

SketchistGames responds:

Anything specific?

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Mar 10, 2012
3:14 PM EST
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