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Eulogy For 'Amaranthus by artists'

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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

03-10-12 – 08-20-12

Author Comments

Amaranthus by bigCman321,Gmoose14,Asand ir, ThePsychoSheep, Lintire and me.
Thanks too everyone who made a Amaranthus thing.
Thanks too BlackMist75 and Gimmick for design and programming.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

You shouldn't have posted this in the movies section because it isn't a movie, it would be better to post these drawings in the art section instead.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

liked the music, and the thepsychosheep...


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Pretty good, but was just photos.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's beautiful. Thank you Gimmick


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Right then, I finally got round to watching and reviewing this flash. Hope your are happy ;).

Firstly the things that I think need to be worked on. The preloader seemed to me like it was a little faded, had you made it a little see through? The menu seemed like it was mainly made of empty space, for example when you scrolled down completely the bottom of the menu was completely of the screen. Your comments on the artists work left alot to be desired, if I had created a piece for this flash I would have wanted more then a few words of praise. As for the artwork it was good but there wasn't alot of it. Probably because the theme wasn't broad.

Now for the things I like. I think that the general design of the flash is good and I think the drag system that you used for the menu was great and well programmed and the majority of the artwork was beyond good :).

I'd maybe suggest that next time you think of doing a collab make one that has a broader subject/theme :).


Rated 2 / 5 stars

There is some pretty nice artwork here, but not a lot of it. Even so, it was pretty much everything this flash had, so most of my review will be about the graphics and the layout.

First and foremost, I didn't like the fading on the preloader. I won't say it needs to be removed entirely; it might have looked better if this fading wasn't so visible, but as it currently is, it just doesn't look good at all.

This flash had six pieces of artwork about a very specific subject: Amaranthus's logo. It's understandable that not much could be done with this, but six pieces of artwork still isn't very much. I'll say a little about them, but certainly won't write six whole art reviews within this single flash review.

The first piece was probably my least favorite. I just don't like artwork that looks like it's only a sketch, especially one this sloppy. It would probably look much less sloppy if it were only symmetrical. The upper half of one arm was noticeably skinnier than the other, one eye was slanted at a significantly different angle than the other, the inside of one ear was much thinner than the other, and the hair on one side of the character's face was much droopier than the other.

The second is three dimensional and certainly doesn't look sloppy. I like it, but I can't say I love it. It's just not very interesting. The third one is very well drawn and certainly not boring. It would be nice if it had more than a solid white background though. The fourth one is a little sloppy looking but still very good. A little blur is nice, but I feel it was a bit overdone there.

The fifth one is really nice. Detailed, very well drawn, and very well shaded. I like the way the bright red color of the character contrasts with the dark background, though the background itself needs to be more than a solid black. The sixth and final piece is another really cool one despite its simplicity. Even so, there's a trace of sloppiness in it, though it's somewhat difficult to notice. Clearly, not everything should be perfectly symmetrical. The background, which reminds me of a lava lamp, looks best with the color patterns being different on each side. However, I don't like the lack of symmetry as far as the shapes themselves go.

The layout was decent. The background on each frame looked pretty good, as did the buttons. The header was a bit too simple though. It was just a solid grey rectangle with text. I'm sure it could have been a little more interesting than that.

The scroll bar was also rather simple looking and didn't look too much like a scroll bar to me at first. Perhaps it's just my own error, but it took me a few seconds to figure out that it was a scroll bar after trying to use it. This scroll bar was useful for the slideshow, but might as well have been removed from the main menu since all the buttons could have fit into the screen without it. It would be better if the user couldn't scroll so far down that the buttons (and the bar you click on) aren't visible at all. It's also worth noting that the scroll bar can continue moving after you have released it, which no one is used to, and I doubt anyone likes it.

The scroll bar in the slideshow would have made more sense if it was horizontal like the slideshow. Alternatively, perhaps they could have both been vertical.

There was no audio here other than background music, which makes sense since there really isn't any place for other sounds. I like the song that was used, but I don't think it worked very well as ambiance.

There's not much point in organizing just a few artworks into a single flash gallery and submitting it to the Flash Portal. They might as well have been submitted separately to the Art Portal.

I wouldn't say this was entertaining to "watch." A small gallery of art simply doesn't seem to belong in the flash portal. I hope it's not a problem that my review is so ridiculously disproportionate, since the "Graphics" section takes up more than three quarters of it.

- Review Request Club -


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This one felt like a subtle yet boring piece sadly. It is not really much more than just a slideshow of some drawings friends have made for you. While the drawings are great, they are all that are here, I feel that maybe this could have been made a lot better if there was a mini game or maybe some easter eggs to hunt for within the images that lead to more images of your avatar character.

The graphics varied from drawing to drawing, 3D, paper, and computer drawings which all were pretty interesting to look at. The background could have been made to fit the images a little more, a shade of black or possibly gray to instead of white. Also another thing that could have been done here was putting the drag bar at the bottom of the flash rather than on the side to make it flow better.

The audio used here felt rather calming too as if you were in an art gallery looking at some artwork and just enjoying how it looks.

I suppose the images could have been presented a little better and just made to be having a drag bar at the bottom of the flash with the name of the artists who did each piece above each piece of art could have been nice.

Overall, just a gallery of images created for you. Nothing great but it could have been presented a little better I think.

Review Request Club


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

For an artistic showcase, this flash served its purpose. There's just the right amount of artists and drawings here. Any less than six would be empty, while something too far from six would feel overcrowded and tedious.

The option to view all of them as a slideshow is nice, and your scroll bar is programmed well, but it isn't very... smart. When you scroll down, you scroll to the right. If that's the case, couldn't you just made your scroll bar go from left to right? And when you go right, it goes right?

It, along with other reviewers below me, took a few seconds to realize how to work the scroll bar. It's also uneven here and there, and when I stop clicking, it continues. It's quite annoying as a scroll bar.

The first one, honestly, would have to be my least favorite. Probably because of the anatomy and the colored pencil used to color it. I'm not a big fan of drawings colored with a colored pencil, but they can look very nice if done right. Maybe it'd look nicer in person, as it seems a bit blurred.

Asandir's was well done, but I can't say that I found it aesthetically pleasing. It was done in 3D, and the shading looks fine, but there's really not much more I can say about it.

I really like Lintire's part, it's possibly my favorite part out of all of the drawings. It wasn't overly fancy or overly simplistic, but just right. The brush quality was decent, as was the color choice and the shading. The guy was drawn very nicely, in a "cartoony" sort of fashion, it kinda reminds me of Adventure Time.

BigCman321's part was also very nicely done. Possibly one of my favorites, alongside Lintire. The colors and everything else, especially with that music is just... so beautiful.

ThePsychoSheep has a great part as well. Looks neat. Gmoose14's part was kinda simplistic, but it was still pretty good. Lmao at your comment, "This is so damn original." I couldn't have phrased it any better, to be honest.

Overall, this was truly a nice art slideshow, and while there were some not-so-good parts, the truly good parts balance it out. The music choice suited to this slideshow definitely contributes to the artwork being viewed. All of the collaborators seem to have put lots of effort into this to make it what it is, and there are a lot of good parts here! Keep up the good work, all of you.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Hm, a showcase for some drawings, all of the same character. This isn't very thrilling, actually. Also, I think there are too few images. The pictures got better when I progressed through the menu and then suddendly everything was over again and I could watch them all in a slideshow. I feel there could've been a lot more pictures.

The slideshow was a nice touch, even though I as well needed a few seconds to work out the scroll bar. While the scroll bar is a nice idea in general it could have been executed better.

{ Review Request Club }


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I liked it but I'd prefer to put it in the art section. But it's still alright despite that. I mean if it was a movie there'd be scenes but only art so if I was you I'd put it in the art section.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I'm afraid this seemed more like an unnecessary ego stroking than it did an art gallery. Extremely boring, nothing to look at except for the art, extremely simple buttons, ONE song that you can't mute, and quite frankly nothing thrilling at all. Six drawings hardly make a flash, and slapping on buttons and comments does nothing to fix that.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

And you called me an ass-kisser....hahaha

I'd like to consider myself. "fair" I review bad stuff and I give bad reviews. I review good stuff and give good reviews. This was an ok submission. The reason why I gave it three stars is because it was cool to see different artist's styles on the same characters. This is however why we have forums. And as someone mentioned, an nice little ego stroke for you. If this had been on a different topic..just say, mythical cats in general and you had someone follow a template that wasn't necessarily yours THEN it would have been better.

I also wish there had been more artists. This seems like a great way to get other artist's pageviews, but not much more.


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3.02 / 5.00