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Sometime ago you took a job as a teacher of Ancient Culture in College. Today was the exam. One of your students didn't pass in the subject...


Dude (smile) ? You have sometimes a team, who share with you the work on a game ... or do you like on game more as a other, what you create ? ^^ When the answer is YES, also no problem.

Because, we - your fans and I am sure, every "usual" gamer - do the same. But, here you was really not the best ... creator, artist - worker.

Okay, I tell you what is not so good and what is awsome. First of all, okay, my personal taste, it is wonderful that these young lady has a body in absolut realistic relation with here huge boobs. ^^

And for this, it means for me, they titts can also hanging in sex, especially when she are lingerie (bra) less and in moving. So, good work. She is is a young girl and the gravity is to this time not hard versus her, like later. ^^

But, when you make the pubic hair about her pussy in the first sex scene correct and then, in the next - after that following, to wide about it, then it looks first: ugly and second: real absurd.

However the horny activities are fine, but here, I have only small problem with her open mouth, or better, with the tongue there in. Also that was not the best idea.

What others here find so sad, that you make text windows and she moan when she respond, with that fact I can live. It is always hard to find a good way with not such big variations in sounds.

Nevertheless, a fine small game, only to short like the most from you, but, maybe you have anytime also a better idea and more time for great projects. Oh, and what you must fix here, is, the buttons for interaction (fuck - slow , medium, hard and so on) doesn't work oftime. Maybe a glitch or error in programming.

Okay, enough now, the rest is good - okay, acceptable. 3 stars

What a sexy doll! Finely drawn body, good light-and-shade colorations, great curves. Stormin' boobs during the sex! (*slurp*). Love the fluff of pubic hair too - personally would like to see even more, but that's a detail, it's true. And courageous to show that much as it is, when some men have an absolute dread of ladybeards.

Oh, but *please* give the poor girl a clit! We don't want FGM here!! :O

This sort of fantasy scenario is always a winner (the kind best avoided in real life, though ;) - abuse of power, eek!)

She looks a bit alarmed during the first sex. Not scared, just very wide-eyed and bushy-tailed.

And a bit sad, or bored when kept on for another shag. Pretty as a (moving) picture!

The start is a bit clunky, otherwise excellent. More like this please, Focke!

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Let me be your teacher... let me teach you how to climax ;)

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it seems like it doesnt mater what speed its at its all the same to slow! the artwork for the chick was hot though

I think the sex scenes were unoriginal and were pretty boring.

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2.93 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2012
5:56 AM EST
Simulation - Dating