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Bomb Diver

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Author Comments

Use your jetpack and grenade launcher to keep your city safe from falling bombs!

This game combines aspects of missile command, avoiders, collectors, and chain reaction genres all in a nice little retro arcade package. It even has a few original chiptunes I composed for it.

Features 10 waves, 6 different bombs types, multiple powerups, an upgrade shop, and an ever growing city!

Every level consists of three stages. First you'll go sky diving and avoid the dropping bombs, then use your parachute and collect the balloons to get more ammo. When you've safely landed on the ground, the goal is to shoot all incoming bombs to protect your city.

Note: The shooting mechanism works like Missile Command, so the explosion happens exactly where you've shot, not when it hits a bomb.

EDIT #1: Hey, thanks everyone for helping 'Bomb Diver' hit the #3 spot on the frontpage today! I really appreciate it. I'll have a patch to the game coming today for some minor things I've been getting feedback about so far.

EDIT #2: Small update to v1.0.3: You can now use the collected health kits and power ups by clicking the icon buttons at the top of the screen, the cursor while flying has more contrast, and I've tried to make the pause screen better. I'll have another update tomorrow with a few other minor things.

EDIT #3: Two things, first I see Bomb Diver made it to the featured game list, thanks Tom! Second, I've got another small patch of the game to v1.0.4: You can now restart the current wave at anytime from the pause menu (ESC), changed a few other minor text confusions, also some small bug fixes and polish tweaks. Thanks again to everyone who is playing and leaving your constructive feedback, I really appreciate it!

EDIT #4: Tiny bug fix to v1.0.5. You can now reach full left and right side of screen when you are on the ground (to get all the money bags.)


this was a pretty cool mash up of styles that i wasn't expecting, also the requirement of getting ammo in the first part made it really satisfying when shooting down below

HybridMind responds:

Thanks! I had a lot of fun mashing the various genres together and it's nice to see others enjoying the result.

Really fun and challenging

HybridMind responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks!

I like the different "stages" of each wave - first dodge bombs and collect ammo, then open the parachute and avoid the jets firing at you, then shoot the grenades you've collected at the bombs. It's also neat how in later levels you can trigger proximity mines (best done from below since the shrapnel tends to go up) and time the bombs that follow you to explode on other bombs, giving the player multiple ways of getting rid of the bombs.

The powerups are very well balanced. I've found use in all five you get from the orange balloons, including the +10 ammo and $10,000 (for upgrade money or just extra points!)

My high score so far is 2,277,700, having cleared all 10 waves without dying. I like how you can beat the game by trying each wave over and over again, but you get more points if you do most or all of it straight through without dying.

It's just kind of annoying how in the later levels you see, but have no chance to get, some of the balloons because the jets destroy them before they reach you. And maybe take the $10,000 out of the random powerups you can get in level 10, since you can't use that money?

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HybridMind responds:

I appreciate the in depth write up. I was hoping that players would start to learn those 'hit and run' tactics using the proximity mines and shrapnel bombs to help thin the bomb wave during jetpack mode. That is sort of a key strategy in counter-acting the diminishing ammo supplies (and I think part of the fun too!)

I know what you mean about the enemy shots taking out your balloons, I curse every time too! Haha. I do like that as a kind of funny stress and tension. As far as the $10,000 power up not mattering in wave 10, it should at least help boost your final score. I know it isn't much though in the scheme of most wave 10 scores ending up near the 2 million mark.

Once again, thanks for playing the game all the way through, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

u r taken an idea good to use. srry englises is'nt my 1st

and it is real good. ++5 star

smart und good consept

HybridMind responds:

Thanks very much for playing and leaving your thoughts!

WOaha bad controlzcant control dead man yeah

HybridMind responds:

Based on your review it would seem more likely you don't even know how to use a keyboard properly. I rate your review 0/10. yeah.

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Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2012
12:49 PM EST
Action - Other