tree fights

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This is a fantasy make believe movie about nature. it is just a short story of how insects and creatures may live in a forest. Everything in this video was drawn by me. If you want me to draw you something send me a message.
Bless up


Your animation is definitely improving and you choice of music is great ;)
I would like to see in your next addition a tad more to the story, maybe a clearer goal and a good finish, I really do enjoy a bit of anything though!
Keep em coming!

flashmakeit responds:

Thank you for the helpful review. I agree the music was very good specially the vocal part it really help this short movie out . I am going to try to make my next submission longer.
Thanks so much for the use of your audio.

Well, that was... that was the coconut flavored candy in the box of chocolate. Anyway, the animation is ok, the content (story, or whatever it was) was very weird. Keep it up!

flashmakeit responds:

Thanks for viewing and adding that review full of flavor. I will try harder next time to write a better story.

That was not good AT ALL. It looks as though nothing was drawn by you, ('cept the badly drawn snake) as if it was all bitmaps, and there was no story or anything. It was just... horrible.
P.S. I'm only giving .5 a star because of the remix of Forrest.

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flashmakeit responds:

Thanks for the five star dude. Everything was drawn by me I used ulead 3d studio and paintshop pro to make most of the artwork buddy. The snake was drawn with adobe flash and that was my idea of fun.

What? excuse me but this is just pictures? try motion tweening and not frame by frame.

flashmakeit responds:

excuse me sir the bug, fruit, turtle and credits at the end have motion tweening on them. I do not have enough time to do a frame by frame. In my next submission I will add some actionscript to make things more professional.
Sorry you did not enjoy my short movie.

tastefully created, and comical. I like it, just wish it were longer.......

flashmakeit responds:

Thank you my next flash submission will be longer

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Mar 8, 2012
12:29 PM EST