Paper Dreams

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- MOVE - arrows or WASD ( you can move up, down, left, right )
-SHOOT - Z / X / Y
-SPECIAL POWER - SPACE / ENTER ( use bomb to protect yourself from enemies attacks , slow time to slow enemies down ( easier to dodge, and attack them ) or super laser to destroy enemies fast )

M / 0 - mute music
+ / - increase / decrease music
ESCAPE - return to last screen
SPACE / ENTER - proceed between levels etc.

The objective of the game is to finish all the waves in each level by destroying all the monsters on the screen. By getting a better score in a level, you will receive more money. This money can be used in the shop. Inside of the shop you can select different costumes, weapons, special powers, and any different equipment you want to use. On higher difficulty modes, you will face different formations of stronger enemies. As a reward, you will receive more money. Try to beat the game on all difficulties, and get the best score possible to climb up on the ranking table. Don't forget there is also Survival mode that tests your skills to the max. Try to use different combinations of equipment to survive as long as possible.

Note, money received equals the difference between a levels' old highscore and new highscore (if a score was already set for said level).


Honestly it looks good at the beginning but when you play further and see how upgrades work and the amount of money earned and how it's earned , things look bad .
If you want this to be better first don't allow survival mode till story mode is fully played , and change how survival mode is , in meaning the map!
And for god's sake put some cash in survival mode , you keep playing and playing but at the end 0$ ? and about the equipping upgrades thingy it's not that of a bad idea , but what makes it bad is so not enough money for it to be comfortably used .
Use some imagination and simple gaming experience , even though you seem to want this special than any other shooter tactics game , cause it really is .. i mean the idea of it ( weather changing and stuff like that ) but put all ideas in the right place and you'll have yourself a good game.

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it really sucked the game is so boring and stupid i regret playing it

Very well put together, weather pissed me off quite a bit though, also was I shot at by a hair dryer at any point in this game?

The music, cuteness and sounds are all amazing. I think you're really close to having a great game, you just need to adjust something with the actual game play.

This is an amazing game! I love how this is the perfect shooter i mean Ikaruga is a game I love that's just like this that's really why I loved it.

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3.27 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2012
11:47 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional