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Bugs Invasion TD

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Don't let bugs reach last plants. Grow floral towers to stop attacking enemies and gather water for defense.

New Update v1.08. Fixed some bugs in Bugs TD:).

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During the play I kept thinking which tower was the most effective for which enemy.

would have given a 5 but the game needs to have a x4 on the speed as well as a x2...and even on the easiest setting, I could not win on level 4. It got too hard...I would suggest the easy setting be set so it is really easy, almost no strategy needed...just saying.

Good game...played for 3 hours...very interesting twist on the tower games...could I suggest a sequel? I think if instead of being the plants and the gardener the sequel would have the user being the bugs...attacking the plant...that would be pretty cool.

FunBunGames responds:


you should increse the speed..
its raly tiring waitng without being able to put a x4 or x8 speed up

It is fun to a point but the basic pea shooter can over power enemies easily if you upgrade them as the more expensive ones that shot and do not sit on track are ether crappy at their full upgrade of they do not do as much damage. Yes I am speaking of the slingshot. The power shots do area damage but are so slow and do so little damage compared to the two nut shot it is not worth upgrading. The grounds like acid tomato and mushroom work great because you can op them easily. The flying bugs are over powered in my opinion as three slingshots fully upgraded hardly damage them.

the pea shooters won't shoot!