Gay Guy vs. Boots

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Many of my straight friends refuse to go "shopping" with me, probably because they're scared I'm gonna act like this...


ha ha, nice, and yeah, what my siste (below... i think) said

It's... it's BEAUTIFUL. =O LOL, I keep watching it over, and over, and over. My brother's blocking it out with his headphones. Anyway, the sounds are wonderful and the music is well placed. Music is also well done. The only thing I might like even better would be if there were maybe more scenes with him and the boots? I don't know, it just feels a tiny bit like there should be one more thing.

shadow-ghost responds:

That's quite the compliment, I approve of any behavior that results in annoyed siblings. d__(^_^)__b

That was actually pretty well-animated! Just add more frames per second to make it look smoother. Also, the milkshake song ended WAY too abruptly. Fade it out.
Good submission.

shadow-ghost responds:

When a fabulous pair of boots are discovered, there's no time for "fading the music out". ;)

But... glad you liked it. :)

No homo but that guy looked kinda hot whemn he wus doin all bling and shit ._.

shadow-ghost responds:

It's only a matter of time before you're batting for our team! Mwahahahaha!

This was pretty funny and the animation wasn't bad, plus, the sound effects were chosen well too. The short story itself was good too. Nice job!

shadow-ghost responds:

Thank you. Here, have a purse, on the house.

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Mar 8, 2012
9:55 AM EST
Comedy - Original