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Ok, if you are a brony take a deep breath before flaming me. Look at the animation and find just cause for such words of hate. If you are a brony and liked this please tell me that because at the moment i am only getting brony hate.

Big chunk of time was taken finding out that flash didn't like the code i had written to create grass.
I hope you like it. (the grass, as the ponies are just fillers)
This was a TY to all those who left nice comments on the loop i posted first. You asked for music here is a music clip.
FOr those of you interested to know i shrunk the mammary glands on this longer clip, if you have a look at the loop, i shrunk them by half. I did this because, you can't say it's all about the boob jiggle. Because now it is mostly about the boob jigger but other things happen. Please take a seat, tell me how you feel.


hey ah is there another site like deviant art or youtube or something that i can view this animation cause it's not working and all im getting is the load bar and then just black. nothing else. i am unable to view this animation

Yeah, uh, see that retarded demon in the background right of page? Yeah, that is how clueless I am on a comment right now.

P.s. I put 2.5 because its in the middle.

how and why were the boobs moving in the begining

what the...this was freaking wierd.btw how is this rated E?i mean big boobs & big butts how is this rated E?

Yo, nother Brony here and Got to say, though a bit nuts, and more than a touch surreal, I liked it.

You could have kept the proportions more consistent, worked on the body posing, (Especially the exorcist head at the end, that was super wrong.) and either A: used more universe consistent dialog, or B: used a cleaner audio file of the excellent piece of Firefly dialog, Cause I couldn't even tell it was Captain Mal at first until I recognized the lines.

Got to say on a more positive note, the grass looks like grass grass, well, bigger, or super zoomed in, but grass. Work on that code some and use it again, cause it was A#1.

My one Brony quibble is that you used Flutershy instead of Rainbow Dash. Flutershy is well, SHY, Not gonna gallivant about space in a short dress. I could see her in a puritan habit, but not the risque farm gall look. Rainbow Dash? Her I could see not only in the farm gall look, but a latex stripper outfit.

Still, for what it was, which was a parody and a strange one at that, NOT traditional MLP fare which is what most hardcore bronies expect and demand, it was VERY GOOD.
So, props.


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Mar 8, 2012
8:52 AM EST
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