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Lead human, witch and the giant to conquer the stick world!


Mouse to control, mine gold and harvest food to train your troops, buy upgrades and power-ups to and prepare to fight against stick army. See in-game instructions. Hot Keys: A/D and Left/Right Arrow to scroll screen. 123456 and QWERTY to release unit.


This Cool Game

There are several problems with this game:
1. The controls: qwerty+12345+a/d+mouse is a bit much, try to reduce it.
2. Balancing, as already mentioned below.
3. Speed Up units does not reduce the cooldowns, which makes the button more than useless.

Don't get me wrong, it has got potential, but it needs some further work. Hope to see part 2 soon.

Ok game could use things such as artillery and explanation on what red bar upgrade does and if the enemy gets a lot of witches its really hard for me to do anything

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This was actually a pretty good game, the creatures were neat, very well designed and was neat to see a good ai in this wich you presnted well, so nice job there, i was impressed, Great choice of music and sounds wich came in handy and made for a pretty good game here, The game play was not that hard but i was happy with how the art and graphics was of some god quaulity, so nice work there, And once again we have another decent flash, theres not alot i can say to improve on this but there are some things that could be cleaned up as menioned and below, but for the most of this its pretty good and i liked everything i saw here, so keep up the good work. So anyways great game it all seemed to be very interactive and fun, hope to see more of your work soon.

I found this to be a decent flash, but still thought it could be better, I hope with abit more effort and some more ideas as suggested it can be much improved, Such as maybe not so simple but give it some sorta depth. even more design to it,

What a great presentation you presented here, while it could use more effort and a few other stuff, i still enjoyed what you made here, and i hope others enjoyed it as much as i did, good luck on your next flash works. Great game fun and simple and nice graphics, really good design here.

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A very "ok" game. But maybe not so well balanced? For the first half of the game I used only the archer and warrior, maxed them out, and then went straight to the beast. The units in between turned out to be unnecessary to finish the game. Also, some ranged units can attack across the lanes (witch), whereas others apparently can't (archers). This seems kind of arbitrary and should probably be explained somewhere.

Finally - English. There must be some native english speaker in the newgrounds community or elsewhere on the internet who could go through your text and fix the mistakes.

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3.85 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2012
3:13 AM EST
Strategy - Other