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Lead human, witch and the giant to conquer the stick world!


Mouse to control, mine gold and harvest food to train your troops, buy upgrades and power-ups to and prepare to fight against stick army. See in-game instructions. Hot Keys: A/D and Left/Right Arrow to scroll screen. 123456 and QWERTY to release unit.


i give you 4 and half stars its fun and addicting but i would like to see a new kingdom maybe like the kingdom of animals or something that the base soldier for is the beast and everything is more expensive to balance out the play

this is a great game! 4 and a half stars!


So 4 stars on this one.
This game is a fine game with good visual effects and definetely a whole ton room for improvement(thats good)!

To start for there were some grammatical errors but not as intense as the ones I have seen elsewhere your orthography was fine but there were some problems with your syntax but that is only half a star for me.

About the gameplay it is clearly fine. Although I cannot tell why I cannot see the improvement when upgrading my stuff I realise they are upgraded on the combat field. The upgrade screen has plenty of upgrades to satisfy any flash hours hungry player.
The combat is balanced, each unit has its strengths and weaknesses. The reason you lost another star for me were minorities which if you improve and create a similar game, I am sure it will get a 5.

These minorities are:
1- Too dark combat field. Some sunny maps would be really nice.
2- The feeling that poison arrows are just a bit too op.
3- Random loading bugs that may make me refresh one or two times.
4- The feel that speedy units are somewhat underpowered.

Otherwise than that you deserved 4 stars. The audio was epic the main menu was good looking and the visuals were really nice. Even this blood drops were cool.

Good Job to sum it up ;)

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3.85 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2012
3:13 AM EST
Strategy - Other