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TOME - Episode 03 - Highest Form of Flattery

Flamegirl travels to the bustling ;Mechcity region of TOME for a meet-up with her two friends, Saturndiva and Whyti. The hottest subject seems to be Alpha and his growing reputation after the defeat of the two hackers at ;Lavendera. Alpha and Nylocke head to the city to meet Flamegirl...but just as they get there, two new hackers appear with a much more specific mission than their predecessors. Alpha's popularity has garnered the attention of some strange threatening foes. Will Flamegirl be the one to expose the truth and protect our heroes?

Created by Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, with music by Weston "Kajetokun" Durant, featuring special guest voices of Sarah Williams (Madoka Magica), Apphia Yu (Fairy Tail), Andy Dennis (Cuboy), Kimlinh Tran (Skullgirls), Anthony Sardinha (F-ing Science) and Lucien Dodge (Pokemon: Black & White). Join the adventure in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!


Setting, plot, whole premise was awesome. Thats why i loved every single TTA episode, even if the script is just a tiny bit too corny.
Art is pretty good. I like your style, but some of the CD's don't appeal to me that much (I probably just miss recolored sakura sprite T_T). I guess some colors could use work; wish everything was...err a bit brighter?
Voices - Fuck me. Since I don't watch dubbed anymore, I'm not used to English. Overall done very well, although in the first cafe chat I didn't feel "it" as much as later on. Laughter fading out from cafe to Ny and Alpha felt a bit fake.
I don't know much about animation, but it was smooth as far as I could tell, and i liked it, especially battle sequences. They were awesome.
Soundtrack was no doubt a plus. It fit moods, and totally sucked me in from the beginning.

I actually have no position to say anything here as i have -1 exp in portal submission, but overall a great job, even though TTA's set the bar pretty high.

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I'm honestly baffled at how much you improved in this episode.

- The new foreground-dialogue art and animation looks way better now - the shading colors could be better though, don't just pick the same color a little bit darker, experiment with warm and cold colors instead. I'm aware this isn't something you learn overnight and I'm in the middle of learning it right now too.
- You still re-use alot of the animations but I'm aware you do that to save time, just be careful not to let a character sniff their finger trice in a row.
- The backgrounds are really nice. They aren't outstanding, but backgrounds aren't meant to stand out anyway. What I'm getting at here is that the earlier infamous "purple" backgrounds stood out negatively. Now they are not distracting at all (Safe for the grid with the huge lock near the end, I had to stare at it constantly.)
- Nylocke: There's nothing more to add to MasterAardvarks review.
- Fonts: I really didn't notice it until he pointed it out, but maybe you should really look for alternatives. Some of the fonts you juggle around with are hard to get accustomed to, especially with them changing every 1-2 text boxes. Try something more minimalistic here that isn't as distracting. People love pixels (but not sprites), so that game-interface idea might work out if pulled off right.
- One thing that still bothers me is the parodic use of anime cliches; take the stereotypical metrosexual villain raven guy near the end for example. Parodies are great and all but I feel the idea of parodizing television-tropes in itself is sort of sucked dry by now and maybe one day you'll regret putting those parodies in your show.
- Another thing is your female anatomy. The majority of your main cast is male (with the occasional non-humanoid) so in comparison to them the design of Flamegirl looks under-developed, mainly because she looks like a stick sometimes. I'm not saying she should have giant buttocks of fanserviceness - that would be the other extreme - I just think a little less-neutral more feminine build would do the character good.

In conclusion I can say I'm looking forward to the next episode. Not because I'm hooked up to the story or feel attached to the characters (I am not the target demographic), but because I love seeing other creators improve and since you release these in a regular schedule we can actually watch you improve faster than grass is growing. I am also forced to reflect on my own creations while writing constructive criticism and reading the (unusually) passionate and elaborate reviews of other ng artists helps me out too.

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Well most of what Mellvin Says is true.. you still need to improve the way of ur character speaks, but dont listen at the last part.. I like Nylock catchphrase ^^ I know some ppl that like to do that XD so is okay ^^

this was awesome but it needs something. like a race or flight for adrenalin you know?

This series is beginning to get better and better with each episode. It's like you haven't ridden this particular bike in a long time, but I feel you've addressed a lot of opportunities posed in the first two episodes.

First of all, the animation. There's a marked improvement in the "talking avatars" to be seen. I'd caught a glimpse of what you were doing when you posted the snippet of FlameGirl on DA, but seeing it in practice is great. I've noticed that you've also seemed not to rely on those same avatars as heavily, at least during action scenes and places where a pair of talking pictures would poorly convey the situation.

The voice acting has been good since the first episode, and this is no different. The writing has shown a bit of improvement as well, and the fight scenes are a bit faster paced, which was something that definitely needed addressing in the first episode.

I think my only complaint at this point is the depth of characters, but this may be something that simply can't be addressed when you consider the structure of the series. TOME has a LOT of characters, and a LOT of plot to address in the time allotted, so perhaps the concept of giving DemonKing a little more depth may be, while preferred, a bit impractical.

All in all, I think you're taking the series in a good direction, and, as a long time fan of TTA, I think that you're doing a great job so far. Keep it up!

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