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TOME Episode 03

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TOME - Episode 03 - Highest Form of Flattery

Flamegirl travels to the bustling ;Mechcity region of TOME for a meet-up with her two friends, Saturndiva and Whyti. The hottest subject seems to be Alpha and his growing reputation after the defeat of the two hackers at ;Lavendera. Alpha and Nylocke head to the city to meet Flamegirl...but just as they get there, two new hackers appear with a much more specific mission than their predecessors. Alpha's popularity has garnered the attention of some strange threatening foes. Will Flamegirl be the one to expose the truth and protect our heroes?

Created by Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, with music by Weston "Kajetokun" Durant, featuring special guest voices of Sarah Williams (Madoka Magica), Apphia Yu (Fairy Tail), Andy Dennis (Cuboy), Kimlinh Tran (Skullgirls), Anthony Sardinha (F-ing Science) and Lucien Dodge (Pokemon: Black & White). Join the adventure in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!


LOL! I find this funny! I LOVE Nye!! Can't wait to the next one!

dude eney chance i get to whatch this stuff i watch it i am amused at all the stuff on here heh i love the nylock guy super troll with his word and alpha super troll with power but next one have him go on a date with the one flame girl thn id prob be so happy id shit myself

I want to hate this but I really can't.

You made a lot of effort to add better movement instead of having the characters stand around lifelessly. The fighting scenes are still awkwardish but I can see the effort. There was somewhat of a hook mid-way, and the villians were not horrible(though the demon villain was a little excessive with the sop story.)

You are still piss poor on a lot of the diologue- especially at the points where the three women were chatting.

Also that guy that sings the theme song at the end can't sing for shit.

While I enjoy the comedic value of this series and its artwork, I do have to agree with earlier comments in that I feel that its storyline is a blatant copy of .hack//Sign's storyline.

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Mar 8, 2012
12:00 AM EST
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