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The Fairyland Massacre

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Collect all the parts of the teleporter to help the robot get to the Nerubi war where it belongs. But Fairyland is not that simple either. Go through all ten locations with various magical creatures.


Mouse button or W button for move and attack.

Q - rockets
E - laser
M - map

10 original locations
29 achievements
2 additional powerful weapons + 1 secret skill


i skipped the dragon and went to the last piece and auto won the game .-. over all it was fun but at some parts the shear number of enemies was bothersome the fact that the attack key is also how you move was kind of annoying at times but again but you might wanna fix the get the last piece you auto win thing kinda ruins the game

Overly: Fun.

However, there is a couple of huge issues. Many people has said that the game DOES spawn too many enemies at one time, and thats true. Its so damn overwhelming that actually made the game tedious. Sure, There can be a stronghold or two of enemies, thats fine. Whats not fine is when enemies spawn in groups of ten and just kill your ass! That prevented me from finishing the game, I'm just a robot with a chainsaw with lasers and some missiles (Note: I didnt grab the secret weapon, I have no clue where to get that) And with just a chainsaw, mowing down some wizards and knights is pretty damn hard.

Another thing, Respawning. Its a good idea to give you unlimited lives, but its not a good idea to spawn you to the place you last collected a teleporting piece. This would be fine, however, there is no way of teleporting yourself. Which would be nice, but, you cant do this.

It would be nice to have some upgrades to your defense, health, and attack strength. That'd be nice.

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So the moral of the story/game is that a time travelling cyborg armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons meeting creatures from fairyland will result in total annihilation of sweet childhood memories and dreams in a bloody quest to search for missing parts of the time traveller.

Despite this violent message that the game holds,it allows anyone who is bloodthirsty to destress by venting all frustrations on total destruction of all things cute and pretty which they ironically are not in this game(teddybears throw sticks and leprechauns are brutes who use their fists,these are just a few examples).This game could be better if more primary weapons are included like a shotgun an automatic assualt rifle and maybe a flamethrower and skills upgrades could be included like faster speed,higher health and damage and damage resistance.Overall,this game proves to be decent enough to kill off boredom and childhood memories at the same time.

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This was, with no specific phrase coming to mind, very good. I'm a person that is normally sucked into a game like this, and rest assured I look up to find it an hour from when I started at level 24.While addictive, it does get boring, albeit not too quickly. Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but those damned ladybugs come out in hordes with frogs and just slaughter me every time I go near them, and like I said, I am currently level 24. All in all though, a great game.

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2012
9:06 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler