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Wery fun and addicting, retro style space shooter, with many levels,
upgrades and collectables.
Defend the earth from aliens attack.
Gather money to buy improvements for your battleships engine and
You can get even better weapons, for a limited amount of time, by
collecting randomly appearing goods.


I like how you deleted my review, this game blows and should have never passed submission

kert171 responds:

I have not deleted anything!

I can explain this game in one word: BORING!!!

I'm sorry to say this is a bad example of this type of game. It's very slow, very underwhelming, very...boring.

The choice in music was bad to start with, the methodical melody that repeats every 12 seconds is more for a dramatic scene...not an entire game.

The graphics were par, and did give a retro feel, but the fact all the ships looked like amalgams and hacked versions of other sci-fi ships made them just look cheap and cheesy.

The gameplay itself was extremely slow, even upgraded the ship hardly seems to move and your shots are more about firing randomly in the right direction because everything is so slow you won't get another chance to make a miss a hit. The same goes for getting out of the way of the enemy. I died more from avoiding their massive ships than them being good shots.

I did like the idea of having temporary upgrades. Waiting for the icons to appear so I could start doing some real damage while floating about like a broken X-wing helped, but of the three they were all way too super-powered and didn't appear nearly as often as they should have to pick the pace up any.

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Good, but add more power-ups, because you can easily have all of them at level 9

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It feels like, once you played the game for 5 minutes, there's nothing left to earn. Maybe if you added more powerups? It's a good idea though, reminds me of galaga.

Maybe if you added more unlockables to it, and overall, more content.

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2.70 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2012
1:32 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight