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How I Got Through SWTOR

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So the dialogue in this game is so incredibly cheesy, and sometimes when you choose one thing your character will say another. Your "choices" have no real effect either, and the game is incredibly linear and limiting, which shouldn't be the case with MMOs. It was fun for a while but I don't want to pay a monthly fee for a game that's virtually single player.

I played for 2 weeks then stopped. Not because of what I joked about in the video, but I'm just not that big in MMOs, but Guild Wars 2 does look pretty promising..

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This is exactly why I hate the dialog wheel in any game with one.

I think what makes this funny is how it's so accurate to the majority of games I've played that have dialogue choices. I've been an accidental asshole so many time, only escaping from my inability to be nice when I want to in games like Fallout that give you the full sentences to choose from and ones like Fable where it's a simple "accept/decline" or "help/murder" or what have you. Anyway, great vid overall, quality animation as usual, good premise, funny voice acting, you've earned your keep.

Actually what happens in this game xD

Lol, It's actually a brilliant game in my opinion, there is plenty to keep you occupied after you beat your classes main quest, E.X Nightmare Ops, where you can get the best gear... this usually takes several weeks and then there is the next expansion that comes out and so on.

Ugh wow, that must be really annoying. I'm now a bit gladder that I haven't played it.