The Pig's Head

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A cutout style animation, based on story I wrote

Edit: First off, I really want to thank people who left comments and reviews. I can't respond to each individually, but I did read them all and I got a lot of helpful feedback and interesting interpretations on this story.

I think this animation is a little more open ended than the original story, which in a way I like because so far people have different views on what the point of this story is

In the original story, there is somewhat more importance on the pig's head because of its connotations and it is more clear cut. First of all, most people are pretty disgusted by eating a pig's head and it is a disgusting sight to have to face. Second of all, many poor families would eat a pig's head because they were trying to be economical by using every part of the pig... There is also more of a family dynamic between the husband and wife and the servants, and how they takes sides in the original story. I never actually state what causes their relationship to go wrong, but maybe viewers will see for themselves what they want to see

It is interesting to see how viewers pin blame on the husband, while maybe others might see it as the fault of the wife or maybe both the husband and wife are awful people... Or just people who have fallen astray

But I am writing another story I plan to animate, and I am definitely looking back on these comments to guide me because they were pretty great.

(P.s. if you are a sound artist and would maybe be interested in my next project which is a little similar to this, maybe pm me!)


I think the primary aspect of this animation and the story in general that really gives it character is it's parallel to a silent film. The lack of dialogue presents this idea of a story based on what you see and leads one (or atleast it lead me) to find things that lie a little deeper than perhaps you even imagined. I very much enjoyed this and hope to see more from you both as an animator and as an author.

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Wonderful. :) Keep up the amazing work.

The pig's head creep me out a little, by the surprise consumption of it by the family. I read through the Author comments to get what may have lead to that. It brought it more into perceptive.

The marriage at start appeared like rash young love that passed. I don't know the reason, nor care. The many possibilities could have range from so many elements. Compiling the little story plot evidence would have left too much to the imagination to what happen between the husband and wife. Besides, whatever or not what happen the women choose the creatures. Is depending on gain and lost of passion between the lovers really relevant? It skips the moral (I think exists) that maybe they shouldn't be together, since the love is gone.

What drove me was the pig's head was not the host, rather the messenger. Inviting the women to tea with the cat. Oh, it just hit me, her pet was also a cat. Maybe there is a connection, or not.

I give this 5 stars, good animation, the music fitted the theme, and the interesting mythological story. The story wasn't too clear cut, or ambiguous enough to drive away attention, which is good way to get people thinking.

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They were both miserable, and in the end both of them got what they wanted. The ex-husband got his ring and diner back while she became the crazy cat lady and spent the rest of her time in a blissful fantasy world. I do love happy endings. Good job.

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The whole thing with the pig's head is creapy and reminds me a bit of Lord of the Flies. I do find it enteraining and a very nice story, despite the chills I get from it.

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