Space Station Loader

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New parking free online game from Free-Game-Land.com. The precious load has arrived at the cosmic station and your task is to arrange it. Rule the loader, pick up the box and transport it to the marked lighted sector. Try to avoid touching other objects otherwise you will have to pass the level again. Be careful do not fall into the sliding traps. The time is limited at each level so try to finish the work in time.


Nice idea for a game - after doing some relocation house this weekend I thought a "removalist" game could be done, similar idea to what you are doing here.

Ultimately, I wasn't enjoying myself enough to want to get past Level 2. The difficultly level ramped up just a little too quickly from the first level.

The "one hit and it's over" rule to hitting an object is far too unforgiving for a game in this style. Maybe three hits and it's over? You could save a one hit and your out for a bonus level or something along those lines.

Good idea, but the game play needs some tweaking. Level design needs to build up gradually in difficulty instead of WHAM straight from simple to tricky, and I really think the one collision and your out is just a little unforgiving.

Would be a fun a game if some of the above were addressed. Good luck on your future projects.

Overall, this is a bad game, however, there are some saving features, it is a good concept, the music is cool, and the level design was good. But, (and I don't know if this is just me) I found the controls buggy and unresponsive, the crashing mechanic was just plain stupid (what is this car made out of? Paper?), it felt like you started out on the hardest level, though that is not strictly a complaint, you could have at least done some easier levels at the start. The crashing mechanic also meant you had to be really careful with your driving and, coupled with the timer made for very tense gameplay, which some would say is a plus, I however, do not, I think it took a lot of the fun out of the game and you were left with something that made you want to rage quit on the first level.

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2.87 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2012
4:57 AM EST
Skill - Other