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Ancient Weapons

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Author Comments

Fight monsters with an endless array of weapons in this RPG dungeon crawler.

Almost everything is randomly generated for replay-ability, from the maze, to the weapon looks and names, as well as the enemies and bosses! Open chests and grab better weapons to duel wield and destroy your enemies with as you progress to harder and harder levels. Pick from 11 different classes with unique play-styles and customize your journey further through Destiny Armor as you find rare Destiny Artifacts.


i love the game but wish there was more to it. gets boring after awhile.

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Not bad, not great. Wasn't a big fan of the controls, personally. Having my fingers all scrunched up around ASWD really made my hand hurt after a while. Extremely repetitive, though that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. xP and had fun swinging around my Dezarfin's Magical Mist Shark Elder - 604 DMG and Danbel's Magical Rustic Death of Light - 584 DMG. (Those are a mouthful. XD) That is, until I realized the game just went on and on...forever.. Leveled up to 72 and reached dungeon level 61 before thinking "What's the point?" and just throwing myself to the monsters. Best thing that could be added, in my opinion, would be the ability to save, or the ability to actually beat the game. =\ - Glad we could submit our scores, though. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have ANY thing to show for my time. xP - Also, the later levels, like 30 onward, I'll say, started to lag more and more. Too many chests and/or monsters piled up together, I guess. I was never in any real danger from it, but anyone with a weaker machine is probably finished. -- What really irked me more than anything, though, was getting a tip on level 34 saying "You're almost there!" .....Made me think there was a "there" to get to. XD - Bad, bad tip. T_T

Anyway, could have been a lot better, but was entertaining enough. Wish I'd known before starting that it was never ending, though. >_>;

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chicken dipped in awsome sauce!

Good game. I agree with a lot of other people that you should make stats for stuff. I like sneaking around but it was hard for me to get me ninja around the monsters, and when i did i never got a KO in one hit. Also, sometimes it was really hard to see what was happening on the screen because of the different colors bordering the dungeon walls, the smallish areas to explore, and the things that popped up on the screen to talk about the weapons. Speaking of weapons, I think there should be a way to pick them back up after you dropped the by accident.

Other than that it was a great game and i look forward to more.

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It's rather difficult to test out the game with the infuriating system of floor progression. Any sort of contact with the stairs to the next floor will instantly cause you to skip everything left on your current floor, which leads to such awful situations as "Oh hey, you spawned on top of the stairs to the next floor here, sorry bud!" and "Guess there's no room to dodge this enemy without leaving this floor, oh well!" Please fix that (press Space when standing on stairs to go to the next floor, maybe?) so people can actually explore the game fully. >_>

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Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2012
2:09 PM EST
Adventure - RPG