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So this was another movie made in a week, although I didn't do nearly as much work on it each day as I did for Masquerade. This one went by quickly because I got all the audio recorded on the first day, and then there wasn't a whole lot of actual animation to do for the rest of it. Also, I have like no homework. It's weird.

Anyway Sari was mad that I made the parts that she supposedly draws look too "stupid." Oops. She just wants me to write that she can actually draw better than that, just so no one's confused :P


to make a cartoon with your sis you guys must be really close

i have one solid complaint, though: get a better mic please

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Little sisters always ruin everything successful one do... My sister is the Devil's Will so it's kinda worse... Good animation. I liked it.

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yeah, it's funny and shows how one can edit and make fun of someone.... funny!!!

That was rad! Def one of the most unique concepts for a flash movie, plus its got dubstep. Me likey :)

Great work! do more!

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Pretty nice, I do like your animation style, considering it's what I would call "actual animation" by re-drawing each frame for a character. My biggest critique on your animation is simply, here-and-there, proportions will be off, like a characters head will slightly grow or shrink in size when he/she was just turning it or looking in a direction or something. Not a huge deal, though, considering it beats all the motion tween garbage I see on this site all the time. I do like your style, it's nifty and unique. Your colors are nice as well.

I find your cartoons to sometimes be a bit on the "weaker" side... like I am not totally impacted by them, they have their own little quiet atmospheres or artistic style to them, but I always feel like I want more life in them. I guess another thing this lacked was audio quality, both in the microphone and the acting itself.

But, truth to be told, you have lots of heart, cleanliness, and cuteness in what you do, and it's very enjoyable to me. Most people go straight to either vulgar, horrible humor with lots of swearing sprinkled on it in an attempt to be funny, or just completely fail at being funny at all. Your videos seem like something that would make people want to smile, regardless of what's happening in them.

For your age, this is stunning, this is so mature and light-hearted, it has such a welcoming feeling to it. My hat goes off to you.

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Mar 4, 2012
8:57 AM EST
Comedy - Original