Where's Derpy?

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Nom 5 Points

Find 16 muffins!

NomNom 5 Points

Find 32 muffins!

Oops, my bad! 5 Points

Destroy the town hall in the final level.

Attention Horse 10 Points

Find Lyra (or her sister) in 10 of the levels!

Golden Derp 10 Points

Complete the game!

Muuuffiiiins! 25 Points

Find 48 muffins!

Author Comments

Derpy the pegasus has gone missing! Help find Derpy and re-unite her with her muffins!

Use your mouse to click on everything. Full instructions in-game.


UPDATE: The sequel to this game has been released!

Check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/612259

Some notes:

- This game was in development *before* the recent editing of "The Last Roundup" occured. The game is in no way related to, or based on that. I based the idea on Derpy's status as a "Where's Waldo" style character and decided to turn that concept into a game.

- However, once I heard the news, I did speed things up and finish off the game super-quick to give those who were saddened by the change a nice happy dose of Derpy, and also to serve as a reminder that she has always been a fan creation first and foremost. She might have totally derped up her 15 seconds of fame and got booed off the stage, but we can still love her regardless. :)

- Huge thanks to all the artists who agreed to have their work included in this game, credits for, and links to the pages of, all contributors can be found in-game. Once you've played the game, have a browse though the credits page to see a whole bunch of excellent pony art!

- PP :)

Update #1: NG Medals added!

Visit the achievements screen in-game once you meet the requirements to unlock them (except for the "Golden Derp" and "Oops, my bad!" ones, which get auto-unlocked).

Update #2: Yay, front page! You rock, Newgrounds! :D

Update #3: There seems to be a bug where the game will not load in certain older versions of Internet Explorer, but will load fine in Firefox/Chrome/new IE. This bug also only occurs on NG, and not on other websites for some reason. I don't know why, and am trying to figure it out.

If you run into this bug and want to play, use a different browser, or update Internet Explorer to a newer version.

Update #4: Video Walkthrough! http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=oHIdOx1JGNQ

Update #5: Woo, Over 100k NG views! Thanks everypony!

Huge thanks to everyone who has done youtube vids of this game, they've all made me laugh a *lot*. :D


Derpy is awesome. This is a very fun game. Simple and easy to get the hang of with a decent bit of a challenge. I like the additional thinhs you can look for and hearing "yay" is also a nice touch. Very enjoyable.


That last level took me forever but to make it easier for the whole world. Look on top of the houses to the right of the town hall, should be an easy find from there. As soon as I saw it I smiled since it took me about ten runs on that level just to figure out it was in my face yet I was looking all over the place except there. Excellent game but that last level took some time.

The graphics are all screenshots from the show except with muffins added and the last level having a modified screenshot where the town hall can be wrecked and we hear Derpy apologize for the mishap. Was fun finding Lyra too. Also as for the Lyra award, did not seem to find any duplicates of her in any of the images sadly.

As far as game play goes it was just like some find this or that games except muffins and in some levels it can be a little hard since some of the muffins just tended to go very well with the scenery and just end up being overlooked as well. Very fun, Derpy licking the muffin at the select level screen and cloud hopping at the end was just great too!

The music used here was fantastic and very fun to listen to while hunting for the muffins, Derpy, and sometimes Lyra! Keeps you calmed yet sounding very fun at the same time too.

Overall, this game was most fun except maybe the last level which took some time. Excellent work here. Would be fun for you to maybe do this with other characters in the future or just other pony games if you wanted to. Fun game.

Liked the levels.... the last one was ridiculous :p

Now that I can actually play the game I thank you for deleting my previous review. Your game was a lot of fun. five stars all the way

Amazing. I always has a soft spot on my little pony.....

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4.16 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2012
6:52 PM EST
Puzzles - Other