Mech Duel Version 0.41

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This is my third attempt at assembling gaming code, it's pretty sloppy but gets the job done.

I don't see too many first person type shooters as a Flash game, and in building this game I can sort of see why. It's pretty hard to have things move around without Flash getting slowed down. Though since the original Battle Clash game only moved left and right (and outside of the person's control) it means graphically it's less intensive.

I'd estimate this project took me about 2 weeks to put together once I started on it. A couple of days for the graphics, a week and a half for the coding.

Overall this game is very simple: Hold down the mouse button to fire. Let go of the mouse button for about 3 seconds to let your weapon charge for a stronger shot.

Use the A and D keys (or the arrow keys) to move left and right to dodge incoming bullets. The bullets can also be shot down.

- Defeat Difficulty 3 without using the keyboard
- Win in 12 shots or less (8 is the bare minimum)
- Defeat Difficulty 5 (I can barely do it)

Depending on if people like a game like this or not I might continue to work on it. Which means adding in more enemies, weapon options, perhaps upgrades, and stages.


i enjoyed the game minus that there seemed to be no way to avoid the secondary weapon, that exploding energy ball. you end up praying when at low health that he won't use it, but he does. then you die.

I would change the background and make more enemies. Maybe trying to make it look more like a light gun arcade game.

Very nice game. I have to agree its difficult finding first person shooter games. This is a very nice addition to that selection. There are a few things that could be cleaned up like for some reason, and it could very well be just my computer, it seems to lag just a little bit. Over all not to much to really work on. This is a very well thought game with very nice graphics and game play. Keep up the Very good work.

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3.03 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2012
6:35 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person