Bridge Fight

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A Commission Flash Animation for RainbowsunLight
using Her Original 'Naruto Style" Character (Jordan)
its a commission thats why the lake of Story comprende?

i used alot of effort into this! many Frame By Frame Scenes!
i hope the hard work pay off!

if you like my shit please follow me on twitter and or subscribe me on Youtube

i also Thank X9001 times Caxx, Rudi999 and Twisted4000 for they Amazing Voices!!
With Lova Bocodamondo


the animation it's stiffy, and you need to work more on the script, you have the talent to increase the draw, but.... seriously, if I were the one-eyed guy I think I would have do something while they were talking.... in that way it won't be too.... anime.....

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bocodamondo responds:

But in animes the villians allways wait like pricks while the goods ones having a 200 hours chat!
sucks but its true :C

Wow. Pretty good.

The Dialogue seemed pretty much like an actual anime, the animation was good, but graphically it could have been better.

It was a bit short, but it made it worthwhile.

It was very obvious to tell what the characters' relationships were, even though there was little character development.

I liked it :3

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bocodamondo responds:

why thank you. but yeah i realized now it wasnt really that great..but still worth watching ^^. but i guess since most from now pepole who might enter this were probably watching redminus and ZONE-SAMA videos wich of course makes my video here looks like a piece of trash. what is actuarly happening right now. just look at those low scored comments

i like it

There's a different reference in there. I know it

This is cute as a pie

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3.31 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2012
3:20 PM EST