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Bridge Fight

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A Commission Flash Animation for RainbowsunLight
using Her Original 'Naruto Style" Character (Jordan)
its a commission thats why the lake of Story comprende?

i used alot of effort into this! many Frame By Frame Scenes!
i hope the hard work pay off!

if you like my shit please follow me on twitter and or subscribe me on Youtube

i also Thank X9001 times Caxx, Rudi999 and Twisted4000 for they Amazing Voices!!
With Lova Bocodamondo


What the fuck, this isn't porn.

bocodamondo responds:

did you created an account just to write this review that doesnt even make any sense? .... wow!!!
i have respect for you!

It felt empty and the jokes sucked.

pretty well...

sound good
voice act good
animation was okay but alittle work on the frame and drawing u could have made it better.

all and all its a good flash but it did lag at points in the animation...

but u did a great work u should be proud of:)

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Nothing made sense in this animation. I felt like I was watching Naruto (isn't a compliment). Did you rip off of Naruto? If you're going to copy something, at least copy something good and not so shitty. Oh my gawd, I just read that you put all of your effort into this. It's so freaking horrible, and I would never want to see your animations with the least effort! Maybe you should take more time with editing these animations and draw out better animations... This video was the shittiest thing that I've ever seen. The plot also sucks. I honestly have no idea what's going on in this animation.

bocodamondo responds:

well excuuuuuuse me princess but i think you should read description first .(commission)
and wow. i cant believe you call this a critic this is just complaining like a 11 year old child
without any explaining. saying words like terrible. sucks & no effort .i mean seriously. i really was expecting a honest review from someone who is 21 years old and not this crap.
and with "effort" in the flash i mean the frame by frame scenes but i think you dont even KNOW how hard animating is.
the only one who shold be ashamed is you and not me

and besides if the plot is bad, not even good animation can help wich i realized now. time changes.

nice work, bro the voice acting was spot on. the animation looked fantastic. the fighting was good but could use some improvement. i would really like to see this universe expand. like why the fuck a leaf ninja is the bad guy....... wow i am a nerd.......

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bocodamondo responds:

hehe i just wanted to show a prespective of the other ninjas aka konohas enemys. of course if you follow them. the leaf ninjas going to be the enemys ^^ . im such a narutotard too :CC

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3.31 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2012
3:20 PM EST