Karnov's return

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Get to the default object!


This game is absolutely original... I had difficulty determining where the start button was, because at first I could not tell the difference between whether or not the game was actually just the title screen... I did pick up on one thing, when I noticed how impossible it is to survive past the first ten or so platforms, that you can actually jump over the duck... and the musical effects change the background music. there are very subtle hints in the game as to what it's actually about. And unfortunately is absolutely reridonculously difficult to play. I found it interesting as a puzzle in its self to learn how to play, perhaps if this were a bonus level, some people may give it more credit. You get all these points for uniqueness alone...

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despite the lack of pleasing aesthetics this game has a difficulty on par with karnov and i was not disappointed by how fucking hard it is. karnov killed me within 10 seconds of starting too.

your music choice is good. it's kind of funny. good for hilarity sake but not as an actual game.

Absolute trash. Took me a minute to even realize that I was playing the game...Please, put some effort into making something...

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worst game ever

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Umm.. tje worst. But I still chuckled. So there's that.

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1.82 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2012
12:07 PM EST
Action - Other