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Mars Commando

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Know then, that it is the year 2049. In these times the most precious substance in the world is...water. On Earth, it was depleted.

The only place in a whole Solar System where clean water is still present is...Mars!!!

This game is CHALLENGING!
Please read manual to reduce casualties!


fixed Tutorial/Manual third page.


It´s a good game. Could need a bit more varity one the units, maybe an upgrade-system. But there was a bug: Sometimes one of my units would reload. It happen once with a gatling and two times with a railgun. You should also tell me beforehand that mines have friendly fire. I blew up my whole squad by planting too many mines.

Red, red sand.
This game tickles my 8-bit bone in a lotta nice ways, the graphics are smooth but pixely, the music's almost got like.. if Pink Floyd had a NES game, it'd be scored something like this. A little desolate, but then again, there's not MUCH on mars anyways.

Gameplay's nice and challenging, learning optimum placement with the right units AND figuring which drone and equipment to load up, it gets harder with each damn new martian that arrives. If anything, the fourth unit's the one I can't get the hang of yet. Maybe I need to get farther
Great game though, definitely worth the gallons and gallons of time it eats up

Very fun defense game I like the art style and the game seems to be well balanced. The only draw back is it doesn't seem to save your progress. After reloading the page I had to start all over again at stage 1.

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too hard, cant get past stage one -.-

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I don't like tower defense games, but this game is so well produced! I have to say that it's a great game! Very good!

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3.91 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2012
4:45 AM EST
Strategy - Other