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Author Comments

Mar 05 - Made a new update, hopefully fixing some of the bugs. Thanks for being patient.

Mar 04 - Players who are having hard freezes, tell me what the last thing was you did to cause the freeze. Did you use a potion? Close the menu? Is the beholder still animated but you can't move, or is the entire game frozen?

Mar 02 - The game is big, give it time to load.

Okay dudes, I made the hitboxes on the save locations a lot bigger, I hope that helps with the players who have been having trouble with the saves. Also I adjusted the sound effect volumes, hope that is better now too.

You can use either WASD or the arrow keys to move, just change it under the option. You can press Enter when touching an object to interact with it, or simply click on it. You must use the mouse in combat though.

There is a bug I haven't been able to pin down that sometimes makes the main character freeze, if this happens, press the Q button and you'll hear what is likely to be described as a 'horrible sound'. That SHOULD fix it, if it doesn't, let me know. Don't go pressing the button at other times as it can break the game.

Save as often as you can in case something bad happens. X_x And don't clear your cookies or you'll lose you progress.

If you experience any lag, try playing in firefox, not chrome. The game is really graphical, it's just going to lag a tiny bit on some machines. I'm sorry . I'm not the best programmer by any means. :P

There is a small bug, where sometimes you click to use a spell and the spells don't highlight, just quickly back up, then click the spells again and they should work. Working on fixing this.


way too slow

An ok time waster but I have some issues.

First of all, there wasn't any place where you can recover health and mana. All RPGs have one. An inn, a save point where you can heal.. things like that. Without it I had no choice but to buy potions. I have NO idea how many potions I've bought and used for the game.

Next, the skills you put into the game were great. I loved the care put into the graphic of skill usage. Some games would just have the character perform the basic attack and add a little something extra. This one, however, had a different action altogether. My issue with the skills, though, is that they were so weak! The basic attacks of each character were WAY more powerful than the skills. There were even times that when I was facing 3 enemies and use a skill that targets all. But the TOTAL damage was STILL weaker than a basic attack to 1 enemy. So.. think on that a bit?

Lastly, there should be a back button. When selecting attack or when selecting a skill.. there HAS to be a back button. Common sense.

All that being said.. I still think that this game was pretty ok. The story wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. I think that if you came out with a part2 of this game and fixed all these issues I would definitely love the game. Put a little more substance into the story and I'd probably even buy it. So.. good luck to you and I look forward to seeing another one.

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While i will admit that this was a fairly good rpg, it did lack some of the MAJOR points of a well rounded one. First and foremost... This was REAAALLLYYYY short. The story was pretty bland as well... I use firefox and it still went pretty slow for me. I know my computer isnt that great anyways, but still. I made it all the way to the end and whatnot. It just didnt feel satisfying. The equips were almost TOO straightforward. And you never even really NEEDED something to be weak against your attacks (Unless its a fucking Mister Monday. OP AS FUCK). Also... once your healer has about 10 magic, this game is over... Its too easy. The balancing is way off for this game, which is a shame for an rpg. It is a fine piece of art though. This looked beautiful and i wish i had a better processor or something so that it moved smoothly. And... Maybe for future reference, add a Quality button PLEASE.

Not sure if this is a bug, but the last two main guys i fought NEVER attacked. Only the two minions that came with them did. And then i just spent the longest time clicking attack attack attack. They never retaliated, which was a let down and was a major factor of me not being satisfied about beating the game.

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Hyptosis responds:

The attacking issue, there have been a few other mentions of this and I haven't figured out how to recreate it yet. There are obvious timers built into the game that fire when the enemy's stats dictate it, the only time the player get modify this timer is with the freezing spell from Fjor. I'll keep digging, thanks.

Well, here it is. I've waded through the entire game, I'm at Vineth, and I keep throwing round after round of attacks at him. He just stands there with his werewolf gloves on. No counterattack, no nothing. WTF??

I'mma divide this review into two separate parts. My general review of the game, dealing with everything that is not gameplay and, of course, a review of the gameplay itself. Here we go!

GENERAL - 6/10

Art - 9/10
Absolutely superb art as always, I have to say. Each and every portrait in the game just has so much -personality-. It's definitely great for this type of game, and my kudos to whomever did the art. It only gets knocked down a little bit because the battle speed suffers somewhat from the art.

Music - 9/10
Some good variety! I really enjoyed the various songs, and it's nice to hear something that sounds orchestral and original rather than songs just ripped from another RPG! I will admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the fact that the battle music changes genres entirely from the orchestral music, but that's more song placement itself rather than the quality of the actual music.

Writing - 5/10
This is ultimately the part of any game that draws me in, and in some of your other games, the writing is pretty darn good! I suppose the difference between some of your others and this one is that the others are told sort of by the world itself. It's told by descriptions, and we extrapolate from that. Then you come to this game, a game run by dialogue, and the dialogue comes out a little bit wooden, y'know? My favorite writing from this game came from descriptions, such as the bios, and the way certain things are described, like the police dog.

The storytelling itself comes out a little bit wooden as well. As others have pointed out, the game starts out a little bit chaotic, not really super well explained, and that works to this, or any game's, detriment. It feels like it needs to be eased into a little more. In games like the Sagittarian, we're thrown in because of the nature of the game, a goddamn zombie apocalypse! But then you come over to this game. You could have had it start abruptly, by depicting the events in Fjor's backstory, having it actually playable. Could even have had a tutorial of her and a few of her allies being batted aside and all that, but as it is... you're thrust right into a scene of her talking to all of her future party members at once, before they agree and go to help her out.

What I guess I'm trying to say is that you're thrown right into the meat of the story, while the actual situation seems like something that is better built into. Nothing chaotic is going on, it's not a mad dash against time, you're not being forced together, yet the narrative still forces all of you together at once and throws you out into the world.


Interface - 6/10
It really kind of falls flat for me, to be honest. I really like it when RPGs can be played using nothing but the keyboard itself, especially since I use a laptop touchpad that isn't all that great, but that's more of a personal gripe. I guess my biggest issue with the interface is just that we're thrown right into it. I saw some people mentioning that they couldn't save, and that's presumably just because it took them a moment to see the translucent menu icon and realize it's your party menu, and it's not going to take you out of the game to the starting menu. I feel that this interface especially falls flat in combat, since it's rather slow and unwieldy, and your enemies aren't waiting for you. Speaking of...

Battle - 6/10
Pretty darn simple, and that definitely detracts from the game. Stats seem to be somewhat pointless (inventor having highest damage?), abilities are eh, doesn't seem to have any sort of strategy. Is somewhat slowed down by the art as mentioned earlier, so you're taking plenty of unnecessary damage because the enemies aren't waiting for you, a la ATB seen in most RPGs. It's not -bad-, it's just so okay it's average.

- Could use a quality control
- Moar Cinnacat. Dude's admittedly adorable.

That's really all I have to say! It's not bad, it just has some parts that are amazing, some parts that are average. I hope to see more from you in the future, especially RPG-wise. Hope this helps in any way!

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Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2012
2:59 AM EST
Adventure - RPG