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In Clockwork, players must unlock the golden gear from the center of each puzzle by rearranging the pieces, which move all at once in synchronized patterns. Only by studying these patterns can the player use a proper series of movements to solve each level.


Nice to see a puzzle game that rewards you for logically solving problems step by step rather than random trial and error. Beautiful look and music although the constant clicking sound effect is irritating by the end.

Beautifully made game. The graphics were a bit simple, but I think there is little room for improvement aside from maybe texturing the bars and adding a background image.
The puzzles were challenging yet not at all frustrating. No more than 2 reloads to finish a level. It's very hard to get a puzzle game to hit that sweet spot of difficulty, but this one is well in the green.
The overall concept felt very similar to block escape games, but with a rotation element. I enjoyed this game very much. Thank you for making it!

Enjoyable. I'm glad the tutorial was skip-able (I actually didn't notice it until I beat the game <_<), The puzzles are challenging but the gameplay is easy to learn by doing. I was particularly happy that even on the hardest puzzles it did not reduce to trial and error, it was still possible focus and come up with a proper plan.

A lot of fun and definitely makes you think, but it's not over the top difficult. It's also more than a little addicting. I started out from the very first novice level and before I realized it, I'd played through all of the novice levels and half of the standard levels as well.

Well done !

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3.95 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2012
5:38 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding