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In Clockwork, players must unlock the golden gear from the center of each puzzle by rearranging the pieces, which move all at once in synchronized patterns. Only by studying these patterns can the player use a proper series of movements to solve each level.


I knew that my boss can see that I this game.
I knew He will call me to his office.
I knew He will fire me...
What I didn't knew that he asked about where He can play this GREAT game.
THX man :D, I still have job and My boss have NewGrounds as startup page now :)

This was really enjoyable to play. I found the intermediate to be more challenging than the expert one for some reason, but otherwise, or maybe it's because the difficulty hardly changed at all. The puzzle simply had more blocks in the expert levels that still could be solved in a with similar methods as the intermediate one. Well, there is only two ways to go... Anyhow, the music suited the game, and the clicking sound was fine to me, but maybe you could divide the mute thing into sound and music instead of just muting everything. Anyhow, thanks for this (:

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Had a lot of fun with this game, and though it was short(only took about 25 min to beat) it was a creative and interesting set of puzzles. Just about the only way I would argue that you could make it more difficult if you would add additional elements to the puzzles.

For example you could have pieces push down on a pressure switch that could open doorways for other pieces to move through. You could have portals so that pieces would actually move off their preset path onto another one elsewhere on the setup. You could have little bombs so that if a piece ever touched it the piece would be destroyed for either a beneficial or detrimental result. Or you could go another way and introduce levels that have multiple gears that you have to release simultaneously, making it harder in that a player would have to free up two pathways at the same time.

Just some ideas, and whether or not you decide to use any I hope to see a sequel. Thanks for the great game.

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Loverrly little concept for a game. Very original, nice smooth gameplay loved it!

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Very cool. I'm not sure whether the game is easy, or I'm just good at this kind of thinking, but it didn't seem that complex to me.
I don't think that's a bad thing, but maybe there could me more mechanics involved, like rotating mirrors to reflect a light onto a switch, or springs you have to stretch out and release or something?

But it's a good brain bender and it's fun to analyse these mechanical problems and see everything working as it should. I wish there were more puzzles!

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3.95 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2012
5:38 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding