Snakes Eating jigsaw

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A cool jigsaw puzzle game with 3 pictures of snakes eating stuff. Each puzzle has 4 difficulties


Three designs with four difficulties sounds like not a bad deal when you first glance at it but then you actually click the puzzles. The puzzles start out already made so the creator is expecting you to not only put the puzzle together but to dismantle it first so that you can first do that. What's the point of a puzzle game where not only are there not many photos to use for the puzzles but also the puzzle is already made for you? Legitimately if you click the pieces, it counts as you putting them so I was able to 'complete' the 12 piece puzzle in 2 seconds because I clicked the pieces and they stayed in the exact same place.

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Archbob responds:

Thats why there's a "shuffle" button that your supposed to use.

An overall decent game. Not much can be expected from a jigsaw puzzle game. The interface was a bit messy and I did manage to lose a piece off screen which was satisfyingly realistic until I clicked the solve button. Not an amazing groundbreaking game, but I'm sure someone will enjoy it.

(Whats with all the jigsaw puzzles nowadays?) This is nothing special, but i certainly have never seen a Snake Eating Things puzzle.

Archbob responds:

Easy to make, and I play them a lot.

I do like puzzles, but this has pretty low content, and regular physical puzzles are better. I don't really think puzzle games are good, why not just get your own puzzle?

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A jigsaw puzzle? Seriously?

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1.63 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2012
2:12 PM EST
Puzzles - Other