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This is my Character.I will be using him[Dark-X] In my anims.


what was that green suff on his legs??? and the gray things??? oh and STICK FIGURES ARE EEEEEEEPPPPIIIICCCC i dont know why but they are p.s. nice name

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Bubbleblast responds:

The green stuff was Aura and the grey stuff was the wings.Thanks.

The smoothness of the animation itself was acceptable, but the effects and the drawing quality could definitely use some improvement. Near the end of the loop, I couldn't even tell whether those gray objects that appeared from the character's body were wings or some sort of strangely-shaped aura.

You also need to put some work into the character's appearance, so as to make him/her/it be able to stand out in a crowd and be immediately recognizable by the audience; give the character a unique look.

As a whole, the main problem lies in the character design. But stickpeople, being what they are as empty templates (in other words, a nice blank canvas with infinite possibilities), are relatively easy to mess around with. I recommend HATS!! XD Head decorations always look good on sticks!
(don't ask why, I don't know! Even the most obnoxious hats look good in some way for some weird reason)
Just kidding. In your case, how 'bout a cool trenchcoat?
But I still think some kind of headgear would look nice, though... Makes it feel more "complete".

Bubbleblast responds:

Yeah I know. :).Welllll Im not as a badass animator like Phil.Lol.

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1.81 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2012
9:35 AM EST