The Alien Invader

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SOS!!! We’ve crashed on Earth! My mission to save my friend alien from these horrible people begins...

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A very fun game, but with a couple issues.

1. The hang-gliders took more effort to bring down than the plane. I understand that they are smaller, but I would figure that a single hit would easily shred the glider opposed to the planes.

2. The dash is far too sensitive. I barely had to tap my A or D key and I would go flying into the path of the enemy unexpectedly, quickly reducing my armor. A separate key would be beneficial for this special move.

3. The upgrades, will beneficial, seem to be lacking. I really didn't notice much of a health change aside from the graphical aspect. It could very well be that I didn't get hit that often, so I wouldn't of notice it.

Aside from these three issues, the game was quite entertaining and the comic strip at the beginning and ending are beautifully drawn!

Thanks for making this little time killer

ok, this seems like a really good start. theres some issues i have, like: the sprint/dash is kinda dumb, i would walk stop shoot something try to walk again and dash into a field of enemies, posible solution instead of double tap hold space and direction. thats the only real gameplay issue i had. beyond that theres the frame skips when you rotate your head/body not a bad thing but could be smoother and this game could be a lot longer and have a lot more variety. bosses would add a lot, more upgrades(of course), out of ship levels, maybe pilot different types of ships. that being said i really like this game, i like that each time you upgrade your laser, the fire changes color, the available enemy types, the color scheme and general art style. so i hope to see more of your stuff in a bigger box

i like the war of the worlds type feel but it needs more to it. it's just the same objective over and over. some shields maybe, or airstrikes that you can call. maybe you can get in a mother ship and bomb the pitiful humans into submission. make it so that the mother ship can't die (as we all know). also, make it a little easier. great job and props for the concept.

Kinda OK for a short casual shooting game... But I didn't like it much. I'm not keen on destroying buildings and people for the heck of it, fighting enemies was better but then the weapons felt uninteresting and weak - enemies take a lot of shooting. The level of difficulty jumped very high at level 11, and upgrades were too limited. Jumping was nice, though it's not useful before an upgrade (which isn't mentioned anywhere!) and doesn't work with the damn hidden turrets.

Wonderful game I liked this game a lot ;)

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3.17 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2012
7:44 AM EST