TGWTG versus dr. Insano

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Whee, using quotes out of their context is fun!

Tried to draw the reviewers in their respective title card art styles, which is why most of them look different.
While I can do a decent Masterthecreator and Andrew Dickman imitation.. I think... I can barely hang onto Marobot's style. And obviously ShaunMt's uber realistic style for the Cinema Snob becomes a real disaster here.
And accidentally used Lupa's manic episode artstyle rather then the regular reviews, and I discovered Angry Joe's animation only when I was halfway trough making this and..argh..
Ah well..


I have seen way too much TGWTG so I found this to be a fairly funny and wellmade cartoon. The pacing was a little of sometimes... A little too much air here, and not enough there (for example giving 'Mike J' some time to figure out what was happening before saying "hang on a..." and perhaps cutting FB's "fading out" to speed it all along... or having him saying it while he was fading out)

so all in all; few gripes and a lot of laughter.


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RogerregoRRoger responds:

Thank you for the examples with your pacing complaint.
Other reviewers pointed it out before but I wasn't quite sure what they were referring too.
I'll pay more attention to it now.

...wondering why this is even on the front page.

1 star for having dr insano

RogerregoRRoger responds:

For variety I guess. Diffrent folks, diffrent tastes and all that.
Thanks for the star!

who freakin cares that its not like as artistically great as "waterlollies" everyone seems obsessed with the freaking quality, this was funny, it was random, had stupid things but the drawings werent GARBAGE, they were okay, it was meant to be funny, satire, a joke... not a TRIBUTE, its just random sound clips thrown together into a silly animation and i liked it.

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed this!

If the Nostalgia Critic saw this it would be his next review... The splicing devoided the life out of the critics and the Bum we love... CHANGE! YOU GOT ANY CHANGE?! Also the animation wasn't that great and the voice actors who weren't spliced didn't even put any emotions into it... I'm sorry but this made me a sad panda?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Actually, Doug, Lupa, Benzaie aand Welshy have seen and approved this.

Sorry you didn't like it then.

You warned, I believe, if someone was not familiar with the site TGWTG then they might not get the jokes, I'm here to say I have never visited that site and I found this quite funny and got plenty of good laughs from it while not really sure what the hell was going on. After reading other reviews it seems I am blessed to have not been familiar with the site, as those who were seem somewhat aggrevated. So, in short, I liked it, definately an interesting spin on quotes and randomosity.

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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2012
6:03 AM EST
Comedy - Parody