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Feb 29, 2012 | 8:31 PM EST

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To all my fans, I thank you for your support. The Newground Natzi Haters gonna really hate this one. LOL!

Bare in mind, my work gets low scores not because I am breaking any rules, or my work is shotty, but because some people don't understand the rules of Newgrounds. So these ill-informed souls try to Blam me.

Strider is an early computer animation with a plot loosely based on the classic video game of the same name. I was 13 when I made this and used my first DOS animation program, Deluxe Animator.

In 1991 I was beginning to understand the basic mechanics of computer animation. Having learned how to create my own library of character animations, I took Strider for a little spin.

Hope you enjoy this piece of Computer Animation History.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

"Bare in mind, my work gets low scores not because I am breaking any rules, or my work is shotty, but because some people don't understand the rules of Newgrounds."
I did not give you a zero because of the youtube player, but because the youtube player was the only thing about the video I found good. This was obviously done on a tedious and difficult animator, and was well done when that is kept in mind. However, newgrounds asks us to rate the submission and that, in my opinion, was aweful.

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StringAnime responds:

While our tastes may differ from one another, you gave a legitimate opinion, and my author comment wasn't aimed at you.


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I vaguely remember Deluxe Animator. If it's what I'm thinking of, you did damn well with this. You also did a great job capturing that awkward jumping/falling position from the game. Nicely done.

StringAnime responds:

Thanks, I know for people starting out with animation may look at my other work like DORA NO MORE, and think "Where do you begin?" I hope this shows people my early start and encourages them to keep animating.


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An interesting concept. And such a reminder of my own DOS games that I had including Liero and Marshmallow Duel. I mention my own DOS history to show you that I am not as ill informed as I would like to seem to you. I give you a low score mainly because, as cool as the concept is for showing and teaching younger gamer's is, one needs to also bare in mind that they are also easily disinterested. this work seemed to go on while I watch. The game itself is probably really good, and the video you made isn't horrible, just drawn out.

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StringAnime responds:

Dude, this isn't a game. This is an animation I made to look like a game. It's like a Machinima, but I drew my own Sprites. I just can't win here on Newgrounds. I appreciate all positive voters, they seem to be the only ones that undrstand.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


StringAnime responds:

Thanks :)


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i shall not be giving stars;
it is only now that i knew about YT videos being posted here; but i might be too old already. with this animation, not bad for a 1991 effort, knowing that back then , animation using a computer would have been quite hard. nice effort though.

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StringAnime responds:

Thanks, but if you don't rate me, whether good bad, you give a little power to the haters.